Malaysia China Light Industrial City project - AG should accede to the Committee's appeal

Press Conference  Statement
when accompanying Yang Chow Liang, (Chairman of the Purchasers Action Committee) to lodge his second police report against the former developer of the residential project
Kerk Kim Hock

(Melaka, Sunday):  

1. New Police report: Call on the Attorney General to accede to the Committee's appeal

Lim Guan Eng, former MP for Kota Melaka and I are here to day to show our support to Yang Chow Liang, his Committee and the Purchasers (of the residential, commercial and industrial projects) in their pursuit for justice.

In the interest of the truth, justice and the house buyers as well as in protection of the Police image and credibility, I hope that the Attorney General Datuk Ghani Patail will accede to the appeal made by the Committee that he intervenes and reviews the investigations as well as to give the necessary directions.

2. Enforcement delay: Housing Minister Datuk Ong Ka Ting should investigate and explain the long delay of enforcement action

On 21.11.2002, Yang informed me that he received a phone call from an officer of the Housing Ministry informing him that the Ministry required some information as it has started the process of investigations against the former developer, Bukit Rambai Park Sdn Bd.

However, it is a known fact that work stoppage occurred in mid 1999 and complaints were already made to the Housing Ministry by others at least more than a year or two ago.

In fact, it was the Ministry which informed the Receiver that the former developer did not obtain a valid developer's license. This is why the Receiver had to declare the previous Sales and Purchase agreement signed between the house buyers and the former developer as null and void and that he had to make the Sierraview Sdn Bhd as the new developer.

Sierraview was granted a developers' licence by the Housing Ministry in August this year to revive the residential project.

About 10 moths ago on 21.1.2002, Yang had faxed a letter to the Housing Ministry to enquire whether Bukit Rambai Park Sdn Bhd ever applied for a developer's licence and whether the Housing Ministry ever issued a licence to Bukit Rambai Park Sdn Bhd

A reminder was sent in March. Subsequently in April this year the answer was communicated to Yang by telephone, an answer which the Committee was already fully aware of but had wanted a black and white answer from the Ministry--- that is, the former developer did not apply for a developer licence.

Till today, Yang has never received any black and white reply from the Ministry.

Ong Ka Ting must investigate and explain why there has been such reluctance on the part of the Ministry to provide in writing to Yang the answers which he has asked for?

Most important of all, Ka Ting should also investigate and explain why the Ministry, equipped with all the necessary laws and enforcement personnel, have not acted against the former developer even though the Ministry knew fully well and about one to two years ago that the former developer has committed offences under the Housing Developers Act?

3. The key person of Bukit Rambai Park Sdn Bhd ought to voluntarily return the honorary titles of " Datuk" and " Justice of Peace" conferred on him

Company search documents have confirmed that a Director, who today still holds the titles of Datuk and Justice of Peace, was the director of Bukit Rambai Park Sdn Bhd at the time when the offences were committed. It is also public knowledge that he was the key man of the whole project before it was taken over by the Receiver and Manager in 1999.

Since it is already a confirmed fact that the former developer has violated the requirements of the Housing Developers Act and that he has also become a subject of police report, it is only proper that the key person should voluntarily return his honorary titles of " Datuk ' and " Justice of Peace" to the Ruler/s so as to uphold the honour, dignity and image of such titles.

Indeed, the fact that he has so violated the provisions of the Housing Developers Act is sufficient reason enough for him to return all the honours which have been conferred on him, irrespective of other possible offences which should be left to a thorough Police investigations.

Hence, I call on the key person to do what he ought to do - to voluntarily return the conferred honours to the Ruler within 14 days-- failing which the Purchaser Action Committee may have no choice but to lodge an official complaint with the relevant authorities to have his honours stripped.


* Kerk Kim Hock, DAP MP for Kota Melaka and Advisor to the Malaysia China Light Industrial City project