Selangor State Government and MPPJ should post the revised PJ Draft Local Plan 1 on their websites for public scrutiny

Press Statement
Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Thursday):  Selangor State Exco member Datuk Mokhtar Dahalan was quoted as saying that the revised Petaling Jaya Draft Local Plan 1 will be make known to the public soon after the Hari Raya holiday.

The Selangor State Government and the MPPJ should not repeat the mistake of charging an exorbitant cost for the PJ DLP1 report (RM150 per set) this time. They should post the entire revised report on their respective websites, besides giving free copies to all residents associations in Petaling Jaya, and the media for better coverage.

In a memorandum titled "Flaws and Weaknesses in the Petaling Jaya Draft Local Plan I" to The YDP of Petaling Jaya Municipal Council (MPPPJ), Datuk Emran Kadir on May 5, 2002, the DAP PJ and Shadow MPPJ pointed out that the PJ DLP1 was replete with flaws and weaknesses. We were also of the opinion that PJ DLP 1 on the whole was unfair and contrary to theinterests of the PJ residents. Therefore, PJ DAP and Shadow MPPJ have
decided to protest in toto and call upon all residents of PJ to collectively reject the PJ DLP 1 tabled by MPPJ.

PJ DAP and Shadow MPPJ were also displeased with the attitude displayed by MPPJ, as the latter has never held any discussion with the residents of PJ or sought their views before preparing the PJ DLP1. Such attitude was
opposed to the Local Agenda Principle 21 whereby residents are given certain role or right to air their views and make decisions together with the local government in all issues and matters, which concern the  interests of the residents.

In addition, PJ DAP and Shadow MPPJ were dissatisfied with the steep price fixed by MPPJ for the PJ DLP 1 (RM150.00 each set) as if MPPJ does not encourage the PJ residents to read it.

DAP was of the opinion that PJ should be maintained as a satellite town  with a low density of residents and average commercial activities. One of the main features of PJ DLP 1 was to increase the density of the  population in several housing estates (including Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8, SS9A, 17A and 19). The usage of land in several earmarked areas (including Sections 9A, 8 and 14) would also be altered from residential  to commercial. There was no legitimate reason to alter the present status because such plan would only serve to worsen the traffic congestion, cause serious pollution and affect the quiet and tranquil nature of PJ.

In the memorandum, the DAP also listed the actual needs of the Petaling Jaya residents as follow:

  • Resolve the problem of traffic congestion, flash floods and repair existing roads.
  • Ensure cleanliness of the environment.
  • Improve the quality of the public transport system.
  • Improve and maintain park facilities, playgrounds, playing fields and courts and beautify open areas with attractive landscaping.
  • Create walkways and bicycle lanes that connect the entire earmarked areas. Walkways should take into account the need of the disabled such as the usage of wheelchairs.
  • The lack of parking areas in the earmarked areas is very serious. Such facility should be upgraded with immediate effect.
  • All main roundabouts should be replaced with the construction of elevated intersections.
  • A policy pertaining to road signs and public buildings which is fairer, more liberal and transparent ought to be implemented. All the main languages should be used in the case of roads and public buildings in order to reflect a Malaysian society of diverse race and culture. Public libraries should also provide books in all the main languages for the samepurpose.
  • Public facilities such as educational, security, health, religious and postal services on the whole should be enhanced.
  • Recreational spots for children and teenagers should be increased and parks should be well tended to and upgraded from time to time.
  • Low and medium cost housing in earmarked areas should be developed for citizens who have yet to own their own home.
  • The provision of clean and systematic hawker areas to ensure the health of customers who frequent the stalls.
  • The provision of sufficient public toilets to cater to all and sundry. Attention should be given to build more toilets for females.
  • Provision of user-friendly facilities for the physically challenged in all public transportation, buildings and public places.
  • Ensure that the setting up of all high-tension telecommunication equipments does not threaten the health and safety of the public.

The DAP PJ and Shadow MPPJ have urged the MPPJ to withdraw in full the PJ DLP 1, which is replete with weaknesses in order that MPPJ can re-evaluate the draft plan for PJ with the purpose of preparing a new plan that is  more superior and truly benefits the residents of PJ. All PJ residents should be given the opportunity to voice their views and suggestions before the new local plan is formulated.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Selangor Secretary and Shadow MPPJ Chairman