DAP welcomes Sipadan-Ligitan victory

Press Statement
Teresa Kok Suh Sim

(Kuala Lumpur, Thursday): The DAP welcomes the decision of the International Court of Justice awarding the Sipadan and Ligitan islands to Malaysia by a 16-1 majority which clearly reflects the rightfulness of our claim over the islands.

The Indonesian government's decision to accept and abide by the verdict is also to be lauded. This shows that any issue can be resolved by neighbouring ASEAN countries amicably and through due legal process without affecting bilateral ties.

Following the success, the Malaysian government should embark on efforts to prudently develop the islands as a tourist attraction while not forgetting to preserve their natural heritage. At the same time, the security of the areas surrounding the islands should be strengthened to prevent any untoward occurrences such as the Abu Sayyaf kidnapping incident from happening again.


* Teresa Kok Suh Sim, DAP International Secretary and MP for Seputeh