PUAS chief satisfied with the water quality in the Klang Valley. Is Selangor MB Datuk Khir Toyo also happy with it?

Press Statement
by Fong Po Kuan

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): I was shocked to read from the newspaper today that the CEO of PUAS (Perbadanan Urus Air Selangor) Datuk Mohd Sinon Mudzakir is satisfied with the water quality in the Klang Valley, despite complaints from many consumers that the water they are getting is brown and smelly.

How could the CEO of PUAS gave such an assessment when he knew very well that "some areas and buildings have old pipes which make the water appear brown", and " the raw water from the source (rivers) may be contaminated"?

The problem of having old pipes is not a new one. But the MB of Selangor has apparently turned down an offer of soft loan amounting to RM500 million by the federal government for the purpose of replacing old pipes. We hope Datuk Khir Toyo could explain why he has rejected such an offer, or he is also happy with the "brown and smelly" water quality in the Klang Valley like the CEO of PUAS?

Many people in the Klang Valley were not only forced to consume brown and smelly water for years, they have also suffered from zero water supply from time to time due to bursting of old pipes. It was estimated that some 20 to 25% of clean water were wasted due to extensive leakage.

The people in Klang Valley deserve clean and safe water from the tap. The time has come for both PUAS and Khir Toyo to rectify the problems instead of giving "far from true" assessment to the public.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP National Publicity Secretary and DAP Selangor State Secretary