Ong Ka Ting should meet up with the Broga/Semenyih/ Kajang residents and the No Incinerator pro tem committee if he is a responsible minister

Press Statement
by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Tuesday): A journalist has rightly pointed out that "shouting won't silence voices of discontent" in his comment on last Sunday (2003-04-06) incinerator "monologue" in Semenyih. Housing and Local Government deputy minister Datuk M. Kayveas and Hulu Langat MP Badrul Hisham Abdul Aziz should not have prevented the members of the pro tem committee and other concerned citizens to ask questions on the RM1.5 billion mega-incinerator which might severely affect their health and well-being.

The intimidating attitude shown by both Kayveas and Badrul Hisham was deplorable. They must apologise to Professor Halil Hussain, his committee members and other residents. They have no right to shout at their bosses- the rakyat. Every single sen of their monthly allowance and perks were paid by the taxpayers- the ordinary people. They must also realise now that the incinerator issue is a national one, and every Malaysian (not only the local residents) has the right to say yes or no to the incinerator.

Housing and local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting, who has been running away from the pro tem committee, must be bold enough to face the people. What has he got to hide if the incinerator is indeed safe and practical as claimed by every BN politician and government leaders? Ong is not only the minister of the relevant ministry, he is also the MCA Selangor state chairman. If he is not ready to explain the incinerator issue to the Semenyih/ Broga/ Kajang people (and also the MCA members living in the area), he should resign as a minister and relinquish his chairmanship in the state.

No one from the BN government has put up a convincing case for the mega-incinerator. All they have said and claimed were based on the information given by the potential manufacturer of the incinerator. No potential manufacturers or suppliers of incinerators would jeopardise their own business by telling the truth or the real danger of the project.

It's the duty and responsibility of Ong Ka Ting and other BN leaders to tell the truth about the incinerator instead of pressing it down to their throats. They should really listen to the comments and suggestions forwarded by the pro tem committee instead of resorting to highhanded tactics and threats to suppress the voice of the people.

DAP has repeatedly voice our objection to the incinerator. We will submit a memorandum with alternatives to the DOE before 26 April. We also encourage other NGOs and concerned citizens to present their views to the DOE before the deadline.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP national publicity secretary and DAP Selangor state secretary