Call on MAS to be honest and transparent about allegations of fraud by its general sales agent


Media Statement
by Teresa Kok Suh Sim

(Petaling Jaya, Thursday): I wish to express my shock and disbelief at MAS corporate services senior general manager Dr Mohamadon Abdullah’s denial of the allegations of fraud by its Dhaka-based general sales agent, Silkways Cargo Services Ltd following a police report lodged by a MAS employee o­n Monday.

According to today’s Malaysiakini report, Mohamadan said that the allegations were “not true and malicious” having personally conducted an investigation after the issue came to light.

Such denial directly contradicts the remarks of the business development and sales general manager of MASkargo (a subsidiary of MAS) Shahari Sulaiman that his company "knows quite a lot" about it and that the airline’s top officials have been informed of the matter.


Mohamadan also claimed that he has ‘proof’ that the allegations are untrue. If so, he should not hesitate to fully come clean on the alleged malpractice and disclose such proof instead of simply brushing aside the allegations.


The speed in which the investigation into the matter was completed also raises suspicion and doubts as to whether it was conducted in a full and frank manner. Furthermore, if such allegations were “not true and malicious” as Mohamadan claimed, why would the MAS employee who lodged the police report risked jeopardising himself by stepping forward?


In fact, six cargo companies had last year complained to MAS about the malpractice of the MAS GSA. In a letter dated 24 July 2002 addressed to the Managing Director of MAS Datuk Nor bin Mohd Yusof, Trust Cargo Services Ltd, Multi Freight Ltd, Expolanka Bangladesh Ltd, Nexus Logistics Ltd, Trade Clippers Cargo Ltd and All Trans Cargo Services Ltd complained that the GSA was indulging in weight cuts and unnaturally amassing great wealth as a result of such fraudulent practice.


Hence, it is imperative that MAS be honest and transparent on the allegations. It should conduct a thorough investigation into the matter particularly as the national airline had previously amassed huge losses.


At the same time, MP for Shah Alam and Backbenchers Club Chairperson Mohd Zin Mohamed who is the chairman of Silkways Cargo should come clean on the allegations leveled against the MAS GSA. Although he may not be aware of the operations of the company, as a co-owner, he still has to bear personal responsibility for the fraudulent practice of his company.


The police should also immediately investigate the matter especially as the claim by the complainant that MAS had suffered losses amounting to RM3.4 million as a result of the fraud is of a very serious nature.


* Teresa Kok Suh Sim, MP for Seputeh & DAP Wanita Secretary