Sg Chuah Kajang villagers' right to extend leasehold titles was denied by the Selangor State Government, and the compensation scheme smacks of "divide and rule" tactics

Press Statement
by Ronnie Liu Tian khiew

(Kajang, Tuesday): The Selangor State Government must explain to the villagers affected by the Kajang ring road project as to why their applications for the extension of leasehold titles were not processed and approved by the government, and as a result losing their grounds for rightful compensation upon eviction.

A total of 83 houses and 5 shophouses will be affected by the ring road project, of which 33 were partially affected. So far, seven families have
received the offer of compensation, and the amount varies from family to family depending on the number of years ahead of the expiration date. Those
who are holding expired leasehold titles are unlikely to get rightful compensation under such scheme. While the partially affected will be given
some form of compensation, the 5 shophouses, which were also affected, were told not to be able to get any compensation because they do not possess any form of title.

The Mentri Besars and State Exco members have in the past repeatedly made public announcements, that all leasehold titles for the villages in the
state will certainly be extended as long as the landowners are willing to pay the premium of RM0.50 per sq ft for 60 years or RM2.50 for 99 years. The present MB of Selangor Datuk Mohamad Khir Toyo has even announced publicly that those villagers who have yet to renew their leasehold titles can do so by paying the said premiums, but they would be asked to pay a fine for late application. He has however yet to decide on the quantum of penalty. He said this at a lease title presentation ceremony during his recent visit to Seri Kembangan (Serdang), which was reported by all mainstream newspapers on 14 April 2003. He reiterated that the state government has no intention to take back the lands belong to the villagers. He even attacked the opposition for questioning the state government's pledge in renewing leasehold titles for the villagers in his speech.

It's time for Khir Toyo to fulfil his pledges by allowing all effected villagers to renew their leasehold titles, and direct the land office and the developer of the project to pay compensation based on the 99 years (or 60 years) leasehold rights. And the premiums shall be deducted form their respective compensation.

It's most regrettably to note that both the Serdang MP Yap Pian Hon and Balakong State Assemblyman Hor Hee Lee have no guts to fight for rightful
compensation for the effected villagers, despite of given full authority by all the effected villagers through its 7-men action committee led by Yang Jin Lai. So many precious years have been wasted in the struggle for compensation due to their inability and irresponsibility. They should apologise immediately to the villagers of Sg Chuah for their failure as elected representatives.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Selangor Secretary