PJ for DAP

PJ Action Team DAP 37th Anniversary Solidarity Dinner
Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): PJ is the home of our national Headquarters. It's also the home of DAP Selangor.

And PJ used to be the stronghold of DAP until the 1995 general elections.

Things have not been going too well for the PJ people ever since DAP lost in the last two general elections…

The old and existing Damansara Road was turned into a tolled road, causing a big burden to the PJ people in the name of improving the traffic system.

The SJKC Damansara with more than 70 years history was closed down by MCA and BN Government without any justification.

The BN elected representatives have done very little or close to nothing for the PJ residents. (It's called gaji buta in Malay). Leaving the PJ DAP alone burdened with the task to keep the MPPJ in checks and balances.

Local MPs and ADUNs were seen busy appearing in private and social functions, doing PR works with their allocation of funds for schools and temples. Some of them even unashamedly treated these allocations as if their own money.

We need your support to make a Comeback

We cannot allow the PJ people to be treated like dirt any further. We must work to turn it around.  

With your support, we hope to make a comeback in PJ.

Immediately after the last general elections, the DAP leaders and members in PJ heeded the call of the national leadership to continue to serve the people despite our failures to win any seats in PJ.

PJ Action Team and Shadow MPPJ

Besides the PJ Action Team which was formed in 1995, we have also created the Shadow MPPJ in year 2000 to serve PJ residents and to provide checks and balances to the local council. We have been quite effective in highlighting various problems in PJ and helped to resolve quite a number of issues for the PJ residents.

DAP PJ has highlighted the flaws and weaknesses of the PJ local plan and submitted our objections and recommendations o the authority. We have also given our support to the PJ residents from Section 1 to Section 5 who brought the MPPJ to court over the matter.

We have always maintained a good working relationship with the MPPJ YDP and his colleagues although we were quick to highlight their mistakes and shortcomings. They have been acting upon our requests and demands to a satisfactory level.

· Potholes were filled and rubbish was collected upon our complaints.

· U-turns and roads were reopened (Taman Megah) and green fields (Taman Mayang) were saved after our protests.

· Flood victims received some compensation and irrigation was improved (Kg Cempaka) after our persistent lobby with the MPPJ.

· Hundreds of houses were saved (Sg Way) and leases were renewed (Sg Way, Damansara, Kg Cempaka) after our relentless efforts and pressure.

· End of last year, DAP PJ has helped to relocate about 400 Malay and Indian families in Kg Penaga, PJ South to Kota Damansara and Lembah Subang amicably with the full co-operation of the developers and MPPJ. They will move back to Kg Penaga upon the completion of their low cost units in 2 to 3 years.

· Rentals for premises and stalls owned by the MPPJ were reduced to a reasonable level after our complaints and objections.

· We have also given our support to the Taman SEA residents in the Projet petrol station controversy. They have taken the MPPJ to court. The case will be heard some time in March next year.

Memo to the YDP of MPPJ

Early this year, we have submitted a memorandum to the MPPJ YDP personally, listing our demands and aspirations to make PJ a better place to live. We have asked him to resolve the traffic congestion, improve the environment and public amenities and upgrade their overall service quality.

Reduce crimes in PJ

We have also worked with the PJ Police to reduce crimes and the fear of crimes in PJ. We were very unhappy with the increasing crime rate in PJ and the Klang Valley. We urge the PJ police to go all out in fighting crimes and restore PJ as a save and peaceful township.

We will continue to make MPPJ, PJ Police Department and the State Government accountable and responsible to the PJ people. And to restore local government elections has always been our long-term objective.

SOS Damansara

PJ DAP has always been in the forefront in the struggle of Damansara "Save Our School " campaign. We have provided teachers, organised many campaigns and forums, collected many signatures and even raised a lot of funds for the movement, with the help of other DAP leaders and members all over the country. The struggle has entered more than three years and we will continue to support the campaign until the original SJKC Damansara is re-opened. MCA leaders were the culprits for the closure of SJKC Damansara. We urge the PJ people to teach the MCA leaders a lesson in the coming general elections. Together we should send a loud and clear message to the MCA and Barisan Nasional leaders, that their decision to close down the SJKC Damansara by force is a big mistake and blunder.

Every community deserves the school/ schools they need. We have no problem with a new school in Tropicana. PJ is certainly a township that needs more Chinese primary schools.

We seek the support of the PJ people to return DAP candidates to the Parliament and State Assembly in the coming general elections. I believe the general elections will be held some time early next year.

Return PJ to the DAP so that we have more bargaining power. Because we want to serve you better.

Vote DAP for greater checks and balances.
Vote DAP for a better PJ.
PJ for DAP.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Selangor Chairman