Imagine a Selangor without DAP

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PJ Action Team DAP 37th Anniversary Solidarity Dinner
Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): DAP Selangor is now left with one state assemblyman after the last general elections. The result was not only disastrous for the DAP. It's also equally disastrous for the Selangor people.

There are no more effective checks and balances in Selangor. Just like what happened to PJ, the people of Selangor were at the mercy of Barisan Nasional Government. They were treated with absolute contempt. Their rights were trampled upon by the BN leaders without a second thought.

Look at the closure of SJKC Damansara. The Sg Chua Incident . The Broga Incinerator Project. And the various Islamisation policies enforced in the Selangor State by the overzealous Mentri Besar Dato Seri Mohamed Khir Toyo.

Sg Chua Incident

The Sg Chua new village residents were told about the possibility of losing their homes to the Kajang Outer Ring Road project some time in 1996. They have applied for extension of leases for their homes as early as 1992, long before the expiry. Only about 10 of the 80 effected homeowners got the approval from the land office. The nightmare came around year 2000. Most of them could not get their rightful compensation because their titles were either expired or left with a few months or a few years.

The local MCA MP and ADUNs failed to help them getting the rightful compensation. They turned to DAP for assistance. About 20 of them were offered no more than RM25, 000, which is not even sufficient to buy a low cost unit in Selangor ( RM42, 000 each). They have brought their case to the Shah Alam High Court but land office and the developer (Sunway group of companies) destroyed their homes without a court order. Hundreds of FRU were there to prevent the residents from protecting their century old homes.

DAP Selangor has since brought them to the new PM's department, SUHAKAM and the Securities Commission, besides providing some of our best lawyers like Nge Koo Ham, Nga Hock Cheh and Uma for the legal battle. We will fight until our villagers get their rightful compensation.

The Sg Chua Incident is very significant and certainly a landmark case in Malaysian history. If we succeed in Sg Chua, it means the rights of the homeowners living in all the 452 Chinese new villages will be safeguarded. If we fail in Sg Chua, every homeowner in the 452 Chinese new villagers will be in big trouble. It also means that whoever owns a house without a freehold title will be in trouble. It means the BN Government can take their homes and lands without paying the market rate.

Broga Incinerator project

DAP Selangor, together with the Puchong people, managed to drive away the RM1.5 billion mega incinerator from Kg Bohol. But the BN Government never learned from its mistake. They proposed to move it to Broga near Semenyih.

DAP Selangor has since lending our hands to help the Broga and Semenyih people to fight the world's largest incinerator because it is like a gigantic cancer factory. The dioxin and other toxic materials produced by the incinerators could kill our people slowly and surely. These have been proven in France, Belgium, America, Japan and many other countries.

DAP Selangor opposed the project both on safety and cost factors. We Malaysians cannot afford such expensive and health compromising technology in this country. Say no to incinerator before it's too late. Country such as the Philippines has even banned incinerator in view of its danger and negative impact on the environment.


Under the Khir Toyo administration, coffee shops and restaurants in Selangor were not allowed to put up signage with beer logos. He has also tried to slash the number of entertainment outlets without any justification.

The MPKj was trying to ban pork selling in open-air market.

The Kelana Jaya public swimming pool imposed a separate hours for women and men swimmers on all Fridays.

Most parts of Shah Alam were not allowed to set up Bak Kut Teh stalls or shops.

You need a stronger DAP to stop all these nonsense.

You need to vote DAP for greater checks and balances.

DAP Selangor is aiming to contest at least one third of the 54 state seats in Selangor. We will try our best to avoid clashing with other opposition parties in the state. We understand that the opposition parties cannot co-operate with each other because of the Islamic State issue. But we certainly should avoid fighting each other so that BN would not be able to win by default.

We also hope to win a few parliamentary seats in Selangor. We certainly need your help and support to make DAP stronger so that we could provide greater checks and balances to the BN Government to safeguard the interest of the people.

Zero Opposition in Selangor?

The Selangor MB is talking about zero opposition for Selangor . He is even more arrogant than the former PM Tun Mahathir Mohamad. Even Tun Mahathir has spoken on the need to have Opposition in Malaysia before his retirement on 30 Nov this year. We hope the PJ and the Selangor people could teach Khir Toyo a lesson. We also urge the people to sack all the BN Gaji Buta YBs and give the DAP a chance to serve the people.

Together we can make a difference.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Selangor Chairman