Government should drawn up rules to fix time limit for issuance of Strata Titles

Media Statement
M Kulasegaran

(Ipoh, Sunday): In 1985, 480 units of Flats were built by a developer in Bercham, Ipoh. This is now known as the Pakatan Flats of Bercham. All the Flats were sold at a price range of RM25, 000.00. Although the Flats were built within time but to date the Strata Titles for the 480 units have not been issued by the Land Office of Ipoh. 

Just adjacent to these Flats lays the Taman Becham Low Costs Flats. I issued a statement yesterday which among others stated that “There are more then 500 units in this Taman Becham Low Costs Flats. The developer has since gone into liquidation (bankrupt). The Flats were sold at RM25, 000 by the developer. The Strata Titles have yet to be issued. In fact the developer have not even submitted an application to the Land Office to sub divide the titles. The Land Office is dragging its feet and has yet to take action against the developer”


But in the case of Pakatan Flats the developer has submitted to the Land Office the main title for the necessary issuance of Strata Titles way back in 1985. But to date the Land Office of Ipoh has not processed the issuance of these titles. The whole land office has been computerized a few years ago. Yet the Land Office still need further time for the issuance of Strata titles. why? Why this red tape? How much more time is required?


The purchasers of the Flats have now approached the DAP to help them to get the Strata Titles. Many owners of these flats are rather puzzled as to why Strata Titles have not been issued. Among them many have paid their full sum to purchase the Flats. The only documents they have are mere sale and purchase agreements which are not from the Land Office or the Government. Due to this, the purchasers have difficulty in disposing off these Flats at market price. Invariably the subsequent buyers want it below market price as there is no guarantee that Strata Titles would be issued in the immediate future or within a time frame.


We are of the opinion that the undue delay of issuance of the Strata Titles will affect the confidence of developers and purchasers alike. As it is, the economic growth of the Perak State in very minimal and disappointing. Many Perak youngsters are forced to look for jobs either in Penang or in Kuala Lumpur as there isn’t much opportunity in Perak.


Thus, in order not to make matters worst, we urge the Menteri Besar of Perak to launch a thorough investigation as to the present delay in the issuance of the Strata titles. There is an urgent need to revamp or shake up the whole procedure of processing these Strata Titles. Rules need to drawn to ensure that within a fixed period Strata Titles would be issued. If there are any delays caused by developers then necessary action need to be taken against. 


We URGE the MB to intervene and order the Land Office to speed up the issuance of the Strata Titles forthwith.


* M.Kula Segaran Deputy Secretary General DAP Malaysia and Perak Secretary DAP