Ipoh City Council (MBI) to spend a further RM6,789,180-00 to purchase another 200 parking meters at about RM34,000-00 each ?

Media Statement
Ngeh Koo Ham

(Ipoh, Wednesday): Dato’ Chang Ko Youn has admitted that Ipoh City Council is facing financial difficulty. 

I have also revealed that the purchase of the 200 parking meters at about RM34,000-00 each had contravened the Ministry of Finance directive.


I have been given to understand that in accordance to the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 4th July 2002, MBI will be installing these new parking meters for 4,000 parking bays. The new parking meter installed can monitor 10 parking bays each i.e. MBI needs to install 400 meters to monitor 4,000 parking bays.


The Ipoh public must know if MBI will purchase a further 200 parking meters and pay another RM6,789,180-00. The Ipoh public also needs to know if any contract has been entered into after the MOU was signed. This is because MBI may have the option not to proceed with the purchase if only a MOU has been signed


The financial position of MBI will worsen if MBI proceed to purchase another 200 parking meters at such exorbitant price. The resident of Ipoh must feel the outrage because ultimately they pay for the purchase of these meters. Ipoh city has about 600,000 population. Each family will be contributing about RM100-00 each towards the purchase of the said 400 meters apart from the parking fees that they have to pay and the inconveniences that they are subjected to.


I call on the people of Ipoh to support the DAP so that there will be proper check and balance which will ultimately benefit them.


* Ngeh Koo Ham, DAP Perak Chairman