DAP Central Executive Committee resolves to maintain the highest degree of party unity and discipline in the face of the toughest electoral battle expected to be held this year

Media Statement
by Kerk Kim Hock

(Petaling Jaya, Monday): Although only the Prime Minister, who has the prerogative to decide the date of dissolving the Parliament, will know the exact date of the next general election, it is widely expected that the next general election will be held this year.

With the Prime Minister having fixed October 31 this year as the date of his retirement, it is only logical that his successor Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi be allowed to lead the next electoral battle so as to seek the necessary mandate for himself and his new policies.

However, it cannot be totally ruled out that the Prime Minister will hold the next general election as early as July this year simply because of the Barisan Nasional ’s belief that with him personally leading the battle, it will boost the Barisan Nasional’s chances of a greater electoral victory.

Whether the next general election will be held before or after the Prime Minister retires, the next general election will be a very tough, if not the toughest battle in the DAP’s history.

As such, all DAP State Committees will be asked to immediately gear up in preparing for the coming general elections.

In this connection, the DAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) which met yesterday, decided that all branch committees would be asked to nominate candidates for their parliamentary and state constituencies for consideration by the CEC.

Sub Clause 9(f) of the Party’s Constitution reads as follows:

“ The selection of candidates to contest in local authorities, State Assemblies and Parliament shall be the sole prerogative of the Central Executive Committee, and all decisions of the Central Executive Committee in this matter shall be final and absolute.”

The necessary forms will be sent to all branches after the party’s 13th National Conference, scheduled to be held on 12.1.2003.

All nomination forms are to be submitted to the Secretary General by March 15, this year.

The CEC, conscious of the need to maintain the highest degree of party unity and discipline to face the next general election, also passed the following resolution:

“ The Central Executive Committee,

Conscious of the great political challenges in the country and the impending general elections,

Takes notes of the importance of the highest degree of unity and discipline in the party to face the tough electoral battle expected to be held this year,

Therefore resolves to remind all party leaders and members to put party interest at heart and utilize all proper internal party channels to air any grievances and problems and refrain from tarnishing the party’s image through media statements or speeches in public functions: and

Further resolves to direct the party’s Disciplinary Committee, with immediate effect, to take the sternest action against any leader or member who breaches party discipline.”


* Kerk Kim Hock, DAP Secretary General and MP for Kota Melaka