DAPSY Election - Report by MCA controlled STAR inaccurate and vicious

Press Statement
by Nga Kor Ming

(Kuala Lumpur, Monday): I refer to the report in the Star newspaper today titled 'DAP Youth team ousted-Teng and his committee of 20 lose for going against Leadership'. The report continued 'The DAP house-cleaning exercise has begun and the first casualty is former DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) chief Teng Chang Khim. Teng and his entire committee of 20 were shown the exit when they lost in the Youth elections on Saturday'.

The said report was totally inaccurate and vicious.

The election process which is part and parcel of a democratic system cannot be accepted by the MCA controlled newspaper. The DAPSY election shows that the DAP is the most democratic party in Malaysia. Most component parties in BN do not dare to hold free elections for their party posts.

UMNO, MCA and Gerakan had for years insisted on a compromised team selected by their leaders to lead their respective parties. They had deprived their ordinary members and delegates their rights to choose their leaders.

In the spirit of the democratic process Sdr Teng Chang Khim had stated that he accepted the defeat. He also advocated the system of an open contest.

The said Star report was inaccurate in that many members in the former committee led by Sdr Teng Chang Khim were reelected. I was also in the said committee led by Sdr Teng Chang Khim. Some of the members in the last committee could not seek re-election because they had reached the age of 40, the age limit prescribed by the DAPSY constitution. There are others in the last committee who declined to be nominated. The former General Secretary of DAPSY, Sdr Hew Kuan Yau, declined to seek re-election because he is at the moment pursuing his doctorate degree in Hong Kong.

The DAPSY election is a healthy democratic process and STAR should not interpret it in any other way. The newspaper should encourage MCA to be more democratic in its election process.


* Nga Kor Ming, DAPSY Chief and DAP Pantai Remis State Assemblymen