MPPJ should speed up the repairs of pot-holes in keeping with its mission to provide efficient and quality service to the local public

Press Statement
by John Chung

(Petaling Jaya, Thursday): The Sun today reported a complaint by a lady reporter of MPPJ's lack of efficiency to fill a pot-hole on Jalan Kilang 51/206. Instead of accepting the lady's complaint, the MPPJ complaints department officer requested her to notify the engineering department. It is disconcerting that such incident should happen as it affects the confidence of the public towards the MPPJ's complaints department. What then is the use of the public forwarding their grouses to MPPJ if they are not to be taken seriously? The officer concerned who turned away the lady's complaint should also be reprimanded for not looking into the matter personally.

I have also been informed by a Damansara Utama resident that MPPJ had never bothered to reply to his over 20 emails on various issues! As MPPJ claims in its Customers Charter to provide quality services that are cordial, fast, accurate and satisfactory to the local community, it should prevent similar occurrences in future, more so as it boasts of having ISO certification. MPPJ should ensure that every complaint is dealt with swiftly, especially when it concerns the problem of pot-holes as they may result in accidents and unnecessary loss of lives. We should not forget the recent case of a motorcyclist who died from a fall after being thrown off balance by a pot-hole in Section 16.

The lady reporter had also remarked that registering a complaint takes only two minutes but repair works need a longer time as MPPJ had to look for contractors. But following the recent revelation by MPPJ Chairman, Datuk Emran Kadir that the council had engaged two permanent contractors to repair all pot-holes in PJ, there is thus no excuse for undue delays in carrying out repairs. Although there has been a marked improvement by MPPJ in the repair of a number of major pot-holes highlighted previously, more needs to be done by the council to ensure that quality pot-hole repair works are carried out speedily.


* John Chung, DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY) PJ Division Chief and Shadow MPPJ Committee Member