Police raid on Malaysiakini's office high-handed and reveal its double standards

Press Statement
by Raymond Chong

(Petaling Jaya, Tuesday): DAPSY condemns the high-handed police raid on the online news provider Malaysiakini's office yesterday during which 15 of their central processing units (CPUs) and 4 servers were seized, resulting in the temporary stoppage of operations.

While the police are empowered by the law to seize any evidence of offence of thing to facilitate investigations, it should not be to the extent of seriously disrupting the operations of Malaysiakini. The seizure by the police seems to give the impression that the police was intent on shutting down Malaysiakini rather than to properly investigate the matter.

The raid on Malaysiakini also revealed the double-standards of the police. Prior to this, both DAP and DAPSY had lodged police reports against two allegedly seditious articles appearing on the UMNO and UMNO Youth websites respectively which had seriously undermined the dignity of Chinese mother-tongue education. However, no action was taken by the police on the complaints although the offending articles were later removed from the

Yet, the police had last year acted on a complaint by a Perak UMNO leader on the 'No to 929' leaflets distributed by the DAP whereby a raid was conducted on the Perak DAP office resulting in the seizure of thousands of the leaflets despite the fact that they were not seditious at all.

The police is clearly guilty of taking selective action; action when it concerns the ruling party and inaction when it concerns the Opposition. Such discriminate action must stop if the police are not to be seen as being subservient to the ruling party.

DAPSY therefore calls on the police to stop practicing such double standards and to investigate all complaints whether by the ruling party or the Opposition without fear and favour.


* Raymond Chong, DAPSY Vice-Chairman