Eviction order against Malaysiakini deeply regrettable

Press Statement
by Teresa Kok

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): The decision of PC Suria, the landlord of the premise which Malaysiakini is renting, to serve an eviction order on the Internet news provider is deeply regrettable and represents another attempt by certain political higher-ups to clamp down on the Internet news provider.

As if the seizure of 19 of Malaysiakini's computers and interrogation of their editor-in-chief and sub-editors had not been bad enough, the virtual newspaper is now faced with another jeopardy which threatens to again disrupt its operations.

There can be no doubt that some political forces must be behind the eviction order judging from the primary reason stated on the order, viz that Malaysiakini "had been found involved in activities which contravene the laws of the country".

Clearly, the powers that be are out to put pressure on Malaysiakini and obviously too, they have yet to learn their lesson from the huge uproar by various quarters over the initial clamp down on Malaysiakini and the adverse publicity that it has attracted in the international media.

DAP will continue to express our solidarity with Malaysiakini in our belief that a free and independent press must exist so that there will be uninhibited space for the articulation of diverse and even dissenting views.


* Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh and Head of DAP NGO Bureau