How many bad news must the BN Government receive, before it decided to stop building the incineration monster in Broga?


Media Statement
by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): In a news article entitled "Cancer-causing dioxin in cattle continues to trouble Italian south" released by AFP on July 8,2003 in Naples, it was reported that the police had seized hundreds of head of cattle from farms in the southern region of Naples after tests showed abnormally high levels of deadly dioxin in both the animals and the soil.

Officers from the Italian police sanitation unit took away 700 animals from seven  different herds in the region, which is known for its production of milk products including the popular buffalo mozzarella cheese, a court source said.

The seizures bring the total number of animals removed from farms to 10,000 since  March in an on-going investigation into dioxin levels in the region.

Tests carried out by the nationally recognised preventive disease organisation, the Terramo Institute, have showed that levels of dioxin in the milk, fodder, grass and soils in the area were all above European norms. In all, more than 20 herds of buffaloes, cows and sheep have been identified in the probe.

Dioxin can be produced during the incineration of waste and has adverse effects on the long-term health of humans: the World Health Organisation has classified dioxin as a product that causes cancer.

Further tests are being carried out by the Italian authorities to try to ascertain the extent of the contamination and where it could have originated. Investigators have turned their attention to an illegal plastic incineration plant near the polluted land.

The management and recycling of waste in the Naples region has long been a Favourite activity of the local mafia, known as the Camorra.

Housewives in Malaysia should remember that about five years ago, the Ministry of Health had ordered many European and Japanese brands of milk powder to be taken down from the shelves immediately because these products were said to have been contaminated with dioxin.

Dioxin is also widely believed as the main culprit of mad cow disease.

So, how many bad news must the Malaysian Cabinet  must received, before it decided to put a stop to the incinerator project?


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP national publicity secretary