Shadow MPPJ presented report of PJ road and cleanliness problem to MPPJ


Media Release
by Shadow MPPJ

(Petaling Jaya, Friday):  Shadow MPPJ today paid a visit to the MPPJ President Datuk Abdul Karim Munisar. Its Chairman Ronnie Liu, who is also the DAP National Publicity Secretary, accompanied by committee members John Chung and Ong Chee Keng, presented a report of a survey on problems relating to road and cleanliness in the township.

The report was the completed within the span of two weeks. Amongst the problems that Shadow MPPJ had identified are:

1. roads with potholes which pose a danger to motorists especially motorcyclists
2. roads with fades lines which can hardly be seen
3. parking bays with faded lines which can hardly be seen
4. signboards which are unclear and cause confusion to motorists
5. traffic lights that often breakdown
6. traffic lights that are crooked and may pose a hazard to motorists
7. clogged drains filled with rubbish
8. electric cables that are weighed down by tree branches

Specific examples of the above were given in the report. Datuk Abdul Karim promised to attend to the various problems highlighted so that PJ residents can enjoy a safer and clean environment.

We also raised the issue of compensation for the Kg. Chempaka flood victims. In our previous meeting with the former MPPJ President Datuk Emran Kadir, we were told that the developers concerned had agreed to compensate each family RM500 and that the cheque had been sent to MPPJ. However, to date, the victims had yet to receive the payment. MPPJ senior officer, Encik Abdul Haq who was also present at the meeting today assured us that payment will be made as soon as MPPJ had finished processing the cheque.