Term limit: Registrar of Societies has approved DAP’s constitutional proposal to limit the term of office of the Party’s Secretary General


Media Statement
by Kerk Kim Hock

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): At the DAP National Conference held on 12.1.2003, Conference have unanimously approved a total of 24 proposals to amend the DAP Constitution, including the proposal to limit the term of office of the Party Secretary General. 

We have subsequently submitted the proposals to the Registrar of Societies in February and we have received a reply informing us that all our proposed amendments have been approved on 8.7.2003.


With the approval by the Registrar of Societies, DAP has become the first political party in the nation to limit the term of its highest leader in the Party hierarchy. The approval will also enable us to implement the proposal at next year’s National Congress where the delegates will elect a new Central Executive Committee.


New Sub Clause 2 of Clause X of the Party’s Constitution reads as follows:


“ The executive powers shall be vested in the Secretary General. The Secretary General shall not hold office for a total period exceeding three terms whether consecutive or otherwise, provided that the three terms of office shall not include any period where the Secretary General has been elected to fill any casual vacancy in the said office of his predecessor, irrespective of whatever is the cause for such casual vacancy ”


I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Central Executive Committee for having adopted my proposal to make this important change and the Conference delegates for their subsequent their endorsement.  I have put forward the proposal because I strongly believe that that DAP must keep up with the times. DAP must modernize to be relevant to the new era and the changed political landscape.


As I said in my speech at the January National Conference, “ (the proposal) is not to change for popularity or media reporting. Neither is it change aimed at any individual but it is change which will act as a catalyst for more changes which are necessary for the DAP’s survival and development”


The proposal is in fact part of the party’s Reform programme. It is only through Reform that the DAP can remain forever young and relevant.


The 21-st century is an era of challenges and changes. Any organisation that is not able or unwilling to change will soon feel the sense of helplessness. The DAP has, with the term limit proposal, proven that it is a party that can and is willing to make bold and new changes.



* Kerk Kim Hock, DAP Secretary General and MP for Kota Melaka