Tunku Aziz and Abdullah Ahmad to join Tunku Abdul Rahman's Centennial Remembrance Night in Petaling Jaya tomorrow

Press Statement
by Teresa Kok

(Petaling Jaya, Thursday): The President of Transparency International Malaysia, Tunku Aziz and New Straits Times Group editor-in-chief, Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad will join in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Centennial Remembrance Night to be held at Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya tomorrow (Friday, 7th March 2003) at 8 p.m.

The Centennial Remembrance Night is to honour Tunku's contribution and legacy as Bapa Malaysia and the first Prime Minister of Malaysia , so as to inspire the new generation of Malaysians to rededicate themselves to his abiding dream for a happy, united, harmonious and prosperous Malaysia.

The Tunku Centennial Remembrance Night will be opened by former Parliamentary Opposition Leader and DAP National Chairman, Lim Kit Siang. Other speakers include:

  • Dr. Chandra Muzzaffar, JUST President;

  • Datuk P.G. Lim, former ambassador to United Nations;

  • Datuk Param Cumaraswamy, UN Special Rapporteur for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers;

  • Professor Dr. Syed Hussein Alatas, former Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya;

  • Said Zahari, former editor, Utusan Melayu

  • Zainur Zakaria, former President, Bar Council

  • Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad, New Straits Times Group Editor-in-Chief

  • Dr. Chen Man Hin, DAP National Chairman 1966-1999

  • Karpal Singh, DAP National Deputy Chairman and leading constitutional and criminal lawyer

The Tunku Centennial Remembrance Night is open to the public.


*  Teresa Kok, Chair of Tunku Centennial Organising Committee and MP for Seputeh