DAPSY condemns unequivocally the unilateral US military attack on Iraq


Press Statement
by John Chung

(Petaling Jaya, Friday):DAPSY condemns unequivocally the unilateral US military attack on Iraq.

The continued defiance of the US and its allies of world opinion and global protests and condemnations reveal its sheer arrogance and gross disrespect for international law.

A very dangerous precedent has been set by the decision of the US to press ahead with the bombing of Iraq despite international pleas for peace and non-military means of conflict resolution.

Such unauthorised use of force, undertaken without the mandate of the UN Security Council, is deeply regrettable and doubly unfortunate as it has resulted in the abrogation of the rightful role of the UN as the global peacekeeping institution and elevated the US to the unlawful position of a self-proclaimed authority to police the world according to its whims and fancies without the need to submit to the demands of the international body.

Such a scenario can only spell an uncertain and bleak future as it will possibly lead to a more divided world when every effort should be taken to preserve international peace and work towards a more united global community.

DAPSY urges the US and its allies to stop the attack on Iraq immediately and heed world opinion for a peaceful non-military approach to disarm Iraq.


* John Chung,  DAPSY International Secretary