Allocate sufficient resources and enough personals to control crime

Press Statement
by Chong Eng

(Kuala Lumpur, Thursday): DAP Petaling Jaya Action Team last night organized a Police-residents dialogue with the hope that the police would be able to give the Petaling Jaya residents some confident in public safety in matter concerning snatch-thieves in the area.

We were shocked to discover that the OCPD for PJ , Dato' Sheikh Mustafa Bin Sheikh Ahmad SAC II is feeling as unsafe as the residents of PJ. He told us that he has gave up jogging outdoor because fear of being harmed, which include being shot or his gun being robbed.

He also repeated at least twice that it takes a "Superman" to do the job of OCPD for the PJ district, which he said have higher crime rate than the whole state of Kelantan, Trenggaun, Negeri Sembilan and Penang. He further added that the crime rate of PJ ranked top five in the country.

He said the PJ police are seriously short staffed. He cited Sea Park, which was described by him as a black area for crime and unsafe, as an example. According to him, Sea Park has a population of 150,000 and the Sea Park Police station only have a total of 39 personals which break downs to a ratio of one police to 3,648 people, 3396 people or 12.5 time higher than the average police to citizens ratio of 1:292, given by the deputy Home Minister Datuk Zainal Abiddin in the parliament on March 20.

He also said that the Sea Park police station has only two units of patrol cars and that is the reason the authority is not able to provide patrol service requested by the people.

Goes by the 1:292 ratios, Sea Park Police station should have more than 500 policemen. DAP wants Home Minister who is also the acting Prime minister to explain why there is such acute shortage of police in sea Park and in the whole PJ area. We are of the view that the safety of the people must be of the paramount important. Development and increased per capital income would be meaningless if people have to live in fear of crime.

We therefore call upon the government to allocate enough personals and sufficient resources to combat crimes in "black" areas like PJ and Bukit Mertajam.


* Chong Eng, DAP Deputy Secretary General and MP for Bukit Mertajam