MPPJ to conduct opinion poll among Taman Mayang residents before building a community hall: A right move in line of Local Agenda 21

Press Statement
by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Monday): MPPJ should be commended for conducting an opinion poll among the residents of Taman Mayang (SS25) Petaling Jaya before they decide on a location most appropriate to build a community hall. The survey will begin sometime this week according to En Ismail Shafie, the officer in-charge for special projects this morning.

The decision was made after the residents living along Jalan 25 and 18 have submitted their objection to the outgoing MPPJ chairman Datuk Emtran Kadir, after staging a public protest with the help of the Shadow MPPJ before the last Chinese New Year holiday. In the memorandum, the residents have clearly stated that they want to keep the only green field /children playground especially for their young children and senior citizens.

The proposed community hall was originally to be constructed on another field in Taman Mayang. This was rejected by the RT committee and they in turn misled the MPPJ to shift the building plan to a smaller field next to SS25/25. The residents around the area were kept in the dark until the time when the contractor sealed off the entire field.

MPPJ has stopped the contractor from carrying out any work before a decision was made. And the decision to conduct a door-to-door opinion poll among the local residents is certainly in line with the principles and spirit of Local Agenda 21, where MPPJ happens to be one of the five pioneered local municipalities in the country that subscribed to Local Agenda 21. We hope the residents will give full co-operation to the MPPJ personnel on the opinion poll exercise. We also hope that justice and fairplay will prevail in this democratic process.

Likewise, the MPPJ could have avoided much criticism on the Petaling Jaya Draft Local Plan I if the MPPJ and Selangor State Government have followed the principles and spirit of Local Agenda 21, i.e. to involve and consult the residents before they went ahead with any plan concerning the interest of the residents.

The Shadow MPPJ will hold a talk on the PJ Local Plan I ( gazetted in March 2003), in April, inviting all resident associations and effected individuals to share their views and suggestions on the said plan. We would certainly forward our objections and views to MPPJ and the Selangor State government even though the local plan has been gazetted without consultation with the PJ residents.

While we bade farewell to Datuk Emran Kadir and wish him all the best in his new position as the JPJ Director-General, the Shadow MPPJ will certainly meet up with the new YDP of MPPJ Datuk Abdul Karim as soon as possible to exchange ideas and to resolve several outstanding local issues with him.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Selangor Secretary and Shadow MPPJ Chairman