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DAP 37 th Anniversary Dinner
by Kerk Kim Hock

(Kuala Lumpur, Sunday): Since the birth of the DAP on 18.3.1966, the Party has faced much trials and tribulations. We have had our hours of joy and moments of sorrows. But there are three things that we are always proud of:


  1. That since 18.3.1966, despite the fact that many leaders and members have to pay heavy price for our struggle and where there have been efforts to distort our objective, we have always held high the ideals of democratic socialism and the vision of a Malaysian Malaysia.
  2. That for the past 37 years , we have played our effective watchdog role of a responsible and effective opposition and made great contributions to the nation, particularly through our success in opposing the one language, one culture policy.
  3. That all along , our members and supporters have stuck with us during the good and the bad times.


As we enter into the new Century, we pledge to continue our fight for speak up for the people, to champion their causes and to fight for a united, prosperous, just and secular democratic Malaysia.


As we gather here tonight, let us therefore pledge to continue our battle together for a Malaysian Malaysia and to make Malaysia forever a secular, democratic nation.


I believe, together we can provide hope to the people and to the country. Together we can make Malaysia a better place and a great nation.


DAP believes that  Malaysia can be a great country where there will be development and justice for all irrespective of race, religion and class, respect for   human rights based on universally accepted principles, upholding of pluralism in all aspects of public policies, practice of open and good governance as well emphasis on technology and modernisation.


The important and fundamental question we must all ask is in what kind of direction we want the nation to move in? And whether we are prepared to, despite great odds, fight to realize what we believe.


We  believe that Malaysia cannot develop its full potential as a country if the people are divided and polarized along racial lines. In a globalised world today, government policies should no longer be based on the dichotomy of bumiputras versus the non-bumiputras. Racial competition must be replaced by consensus .Competition must be against the world and not against fellow Malaysians.


We   believe that Malaysians want to see an end to oppression, corruption, cronyism and nepotism.


We   believe that Malaysians want to an effective and reformed Parliament as well as an independent Judiciary.


We   believe that Malaysians can break from the shackles of the past and truly unite. We believe that Malaysians have many more dreams and aspirations..


We believe that many Malaysians share the same beliefs and dream the same dreams and if given the right and opportunity to make intelligent and informed electoral choices, they will make the correct decisions for the nation.


These beliefs are unattainable dreams to those who lack the optimism of the democratic socialists and the conviction in the rationality of Man.. But it is because the DAP and our supporters dare to pursue  such dreams that we see hope for this country.


Umno thinks that it has the natural right to rule this nation that it is only concerned about what it thinks and not what the people believe. And the fish head party that claims to represent the Chinese community has ceased to dream long ago simply because rotten heads cannot dream.


When the people dare to pursue their dreams, we see the hope. Our dreams may take time, pains and sacrifices to achieve, but we have had successes that we can be proud of..


In the coming general election, no issue is more important than the question of the Islamic state.


We believe that for a multi racial, multi religious and multi cultural nation like Malaysia, Malaysia’s direction must be to preserve the democratic and secular path. The dichotomy of the bumiputras versus the non bumiputras must not be replaced by the dichotomy of Muslims versus the non Muslims.


 Malaysians must realize that the single most important political message that they must send to the Barisan Nasional government is a loud and clear message that they want Malaysia to remain a secular democratic nation.


The battle to ensure Malaysia shall forever remain a secular and democratic nation cannot be the DAP ’s lone battle. It is a battle that our supporters must come forward and get involved.


We need supporters to bring the issues to the people, whether at coffee shops or in offices. We need supporters to explain to the people what are the real issues they should care about. We need supporters to make voters see the truths and the big picture. .


Our supporters must be prepared to reach out, engage and enlighten the voters. They must help convince voters all over the country that the DAP must not only win, but also we must win big. —for the preservation of a secular and democratic Malaysia and for the continued battle of a Malaysian Malaysia. !


*  Kerk Kim Hock, DAP Secretary General and MP for Kota Melaka