DAP supports MTUC's plan to picket on 21 May to demand for higher dividend for 10.3 million EPF members

Press Statement
by Ronnie Liu

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): DAP has decided to support the nation-wide picket planned by the MTUC to protest against the EPF's lowest dividend in 40 years (4.25%) and to demand for higher dividend. MTUC has earlier announced to hold pickets at every EPF office around the country on 21 May.

DAP Central Executive Committee has decided to launch a nation-wide leaflet campaign to highlight the plight of the EPF members and to expose the mismanagement and malpractice of the EPF Board and its Investment Panel. The party will also press for reforms and changes to safeguard the interest of the 10.3 million EPF contributors.

The party will mobilise every member and leader to take part in the campaign and also to participate in the pickets as a mark of solidarity with the workers. We also like to urge EPF members all over the country to show up in full force on the day, to send a loud and clear message to the EPF and the Malaysian Government that "enough is enough". It's time for the EPF to take care of the interest of its members, instead of serving the interest of the cronies of political leaders.

The party also supports the proposal to amend the Industrial Relations Act 1967 to allow cases of wrongful dismissal to be referred to the Industrial Court automatically. Section 20 of the act stipulates that any worker who feels he has been unfairly dismissed can submit his complaints to the Industrial Relation Department (IRD) which will then hold a meeting between the worker and his employer to resolve the dispute. If the dispute is not settled, the IRD will submit a report to the Minister of Human Resources for him to decide whether the case should be brought to the Industrial Court.

It was reported that the Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr Fong Chan On has stopped at least 20 cases from being heard in the last 12 months. We agree with MTUC's sec-gen G.Rajasekaran' s contention that Fong's action could promote unfair labour practice and encourage more and more employers to dismiss workers without cause as they can always rely on the minister's discretion to throw out the case.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP national publicity secretary