The US draft resolution on the reconstruction of Iraq to the UN Security Council, co-signed by United Kingdom and Spain, evidence of its hegemony

Press Statement
by Kwek Tek Chiang

(Kuala Lumpur, Friday): DAPSY expresses its deep regret over the decision of the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and Spain to submit a draft resolution on the Iraqi political and economical reconstruction plan. We urge other members of the United Nations (UN) Security Council not to support it. 

Although the resolution proposes an immediate end to the 12-year economic sanctions on Iraq to liberate Iraqis from the clutches of material shortage and poverty, at the same time, that resolution calls for the UN to authorize the US and the UK to manage Iraq for at least one year. Unless there is any new decision by the Security Council, the US and the UK shall automatically continue to assume control of Iraq. 

This is the rationalization for the invasion of Iraq on 20th of March by the US and the UK. Their permanent occupation of Iraq only serves to reveal their new colonialist and hegemonic ambitions, i.e. to seize the resources of Iraq. 

The BBC had reported that according to the draft resolution, the US, UK and their allies in the Iraqi war will play an important role in the reconstruction plan while the role of the UN appears peripheral. Based on the 25-paragraph resolution, the US and the UK can make decisions on the application of capital obtained through the sales of petroleum with unlimited control. 

It revealed that the US and the UK harbour hopes of seizing the property of Iraqi openly. According to Yazhou Zhoukan dated 28/4 to 4/5, the reconstruction of Iraq would cost a staggering US$ 25 to 100 billion. Bechtel Engineering, a company in San Francisco which is closely related to the US Republican government has been assigned the first batch of reconstruction contracts worth US$ 680 million.  

Since the US and the UK had proclaimed themselves as the liberators of Iraq, they should provide urgently required human aid and materials to assist the Iraqis. Then, they should pave the way for the holding of a democratic election led by the UN to elect a new government which is recognised and supported by the majority of Iraqis. Let the new government operate independently and revive the Iraqi economy like it once was during the pre-Gulf War days.


* Kwek Tek Chiang,  DAPSY International Affairs Bureau Committee Member