Call on Ong Tee Kiat  to clarify whether the two names he submitted to Abdullah on “black gold” politics in MCA also appeared in the poison-pen letter alleging Ka Ting as the “ringleader” of MCA “black gold” politics

Media Statement
by Lim Kit Siang

(Penang,  Thursday): MCA Youth  chief Datuk Ong Tee Keat had taken the correct and proper stand when he strongly denied he had anything to do with a three-page poison pen letter linking MCA Vice President and Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting to triads in the MCA, declaring that he was “dead against” poison-pen letters and those behind such letters, as he himself was a victim of such tactics. (Malay Mail 7.5.03)

He said: “I am dead against such surat layang... I am a victim myself, and can show you a whole stack.  If the surat layang mentions my name, it is beyond my knowledge. I leave it to the police to investigate.”

He strains credulity however when he claimed yesterday  that he had up to now not read the content of the poison-pen letter and was unable to make any comment (Kwong WahYit Poh), as he could not be  serious in expecting Malaysians to believe that he had not read the  poison-pen letter which alleged   Ka Ting as the “ringleader” of “black gold politics” in MCA when the poison-pen letter  had been in wide  circulation for more than a month and  he was the one and only one who had  made the allegation of “black gold” politics in MCA!

Ka Ting himself confirmed that the poison-pen letter was being distributed door-to-door and in the market, apart from being posted to MCA and MCA Youth leaders and members.

The Malay Mail yesterday gave a summary of the content of the three-page poison-pen  letter in Mandarin, “which is said to have originated from the North”, on the identity of the  names submitted by Tee Keat to Deputy   Prime Minister  and Home Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who were allegedly  triad figures close to Ka Ting.

The Malay Mail said that “one of the triad figures was from the north” while the second was from Selangor but was murdered recently.

While it will be most unfair to implicate Tee Kiat with the poison-pen letter against Ka Ting without evidence, Tee Kiat owes the people and nation an explanation whether the two names he submitted to Abdullah to substantiate his allegation of “black gold” politics in MCA tallied with the names in the poison-pen letter, as the allegation of “black gold politics” is not a private personal or party affair concerning MCA but an issue a great public importance concerning the integrity of public life and good name and international reputation of the nation.

When Ka Ting lodged the police report against the poison-pen letter on Tuesday, he asked the police to investigate the identity of the perpetrators.  This however can  only be one aspect of any police investigation – the other being the more important public interest issue of  the truth or otherwise of the many allegations against Ka Ting as the “ringleader” of “black gold” politics in MCA in the three-page poison-pen letter.

The credibility, independence and professionalism of the Malaysian police, though adequate to deal with ordinary crimes, have not reached the stage as to inspire confidence that it would be able to act with independence, integrity and professionalism with politically-loaded cases, especially one involving a Cabinet Minister.

As the poison-pen letter against Ka Ting as the “ring-leader” of “black gold” politics in MCA has been so extensively circulated, and even reported in both the print and electronic media, the Malaysian public are entitled to demand a full and no “cover-up” or “hush-up” investigation into its content, with its findings to be  made public.

As the police, as presently constituted, is incapable of independently and professionally getting  to the bottom of the poison-pen letter alleging a Cabinet Minister as the “ringleader” of “black gold” politics in MCA  without being influenced by political considerations, the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad should establish a public inquiry headed by an eminent and reputable Malaysian, whether a former judge or distinguished public personality, to conduct such an inquiry.

The public inquiry into the serious allegation that a Cabinet Minister is the “ring-leader” of “black gold” politics in the ruling coalition,  which is the worst possible form of  “political SARS”  with its  inter-marriage of  organized crime with corruption to subvert the political system, economic system, the rule of law and social justice, should present its report to Parliament.

This is the only way  to ensure that Ka Ting’s police report and the ensuing police investigations are not mere political  “sandiwara”, full  of sound and fury signifying nothing.


* Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Chairman