DAPSY objects to PAS Youth's statement which restricts the space and scope of debate on Islamic State

Media Statement
John Chung

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): DAPSY objects to the remarks made by Pas Youth Chief Salahuddin Haji Ayub on the Islamic State Document unveiled by Pas.

On one hand, Pas Youth says that it is prepared to dialogue, debate and discuss with any party to obtain clarification on the document and is open to the views of all parties on an Islamic State. But on the other hand, Pas Youth asserts that it is unable to accept the view that Islamic State is not relevant or significant to be implemented in Malaysia and further reminds  Muslims to refrain from making excessive comments without adequate knowledge on the subject.

The statement by Pas Youth, while appearing to welcome the airing of diverse views and opinions, in actual fact, restricts both the space and scope of dialogue and debate on the subject of an Islamic State. The assertion that only those who have adequate knowledge of the concept of an Islamic State are qualified to comment on the document effectively closes the door on Muslims and non-Muslims alike to have any opportunity of meaningful debate, thereby strengthening the perception that the document undermines participatory democracy.

DAPSY hereby reiterates its stand that an Islamic State is not practicable for a pluralist democracy and a multi-religious and multi-racial country such as ours as it would create an undesirable Islamic/non-Islamic dichotomy which would hamper our nation building efforts and the creation of a truly united Bangsa Malaysia as envisaged in Vision 2020.

We further stress that Malaysia is constitutionally a secular state as affirmed by the 1957 social contract agreed by the various communities of different race and religion and the various historical documents and judicial pronouncements and we oppose any attempt by any party to turn Malaysia into an Islamic State.


* John Chung, DAPSY Publicity Bureau Member