DAP CEC decision : Wrong for the Malacca State Government to proceed with constitutional amendment

Press Statement
M Kulasegaran

(Petaling Jaya, Tuesday): During the Malacca State Assembly sitting on 29 th  Sept 2003, the  motion to discuss the above amendment the same was approved with 17 BN elected representatives supporting , one DAP representative  opposing while three other DAP representatives abstaining..

The DAP's Elected Representatives Supervisory Committee (ERSC) went  down to Malacca to investigate the anomaly and submitted a report to the  Central Executive Committee (CEC) of DAP .

 The CEC , after its deliberation ,  decided that:

(i)        It was wrong for the Malacca Government to come up with such a proposal to take away the words "the number of members shall be twenty five" and replace  "the number of members shall be as the Legislature may by law provide" in the Article 11 of the constitution of the State of Malacca.

(ii)        DAP reiterates that the Party's  stand is and should have been total  opposition to the amendment proposed.


* M Kulasegaran, DAP Deputy Secretary General and Chairman of the DAP MP/SA Supervisory Committee