The Home Ministry Should Lift The Ban On Mabel Au And Qu Mei Feng From Entering Malaysia As They Do Not Meet The Criteria Of Banned Foreigners Under 8(3) Immigration Act 1959/1963

Press Statement
by Fong Po Kuan

(Kuala Lumpur, Thursday): The answer given by the Deputy Home Minister, Chor Chee Heung, to me this morning at the Dewan Rakyat is appaling as he could not justify to me and the august House there were valid reasons and legal grounds for the Home Ministry to ban Mabel Au (Tian Chua's fiancee) and  Qu Mei Feng (the ex Taiwanese politician who was filmed without her knowledge while having sex ) from entry into Malaysia.

On answering my oral question about the Home Ministry's criteria to ban foreigners from entering into Malaysia, Chor said the ban was according to section 8(3) of the Immigration Act 1959/1963 as follows (in summary): 

a) Whoever fail to show that he has source of income to support himself or herself, so that he would not become a burden to the members of public;

b) Whoever suffer from mental disorder;

c) Whoever refuse to do medical check-up after he was required to do so under section 39A(1);

d) Whoever:

i) has committed offence and being sentenced to jail for a period and have not received pardon;
ii) the Director-General perceives someone as an unwelcome immigrant under circumstances related to the offence;
e) prostitutes;
f) whoever try to bring prostitutes or women who intend to involve in prostitution in Malaysia;
g) permanent beggar;
h) whoever's entry into Malaysia has infringed the law during that period of time;
i) whoever is believed or involve in activities that overthrow the government in Malaysia;
j) whoever that becomes member or join any organization that related to giving teaching in overthrowing the government or infringe the law;
k) whoever believed by the minister or any government through official channel or diplomatic channel that he/she is described by the Minister as an unwelcome immigrant;
l) whoever being shifted from any country or state by the government and have been described by the Director-General as an unwelcome immigrant;
m) whoever doesn't possess valid traveling document as required by law;
n) family to the banned immigrant;
o) whoever receives order under section 9(1)(a) or permit being cancelled under section 9(1)(b) or (c) respectively.  

The disturbing thing is nothing in the said Section 8(3) applies to either Mabel Au or Qu Mei Feng!

As such, the Home Ministry is acting beyond its powers and the move to ban the two are unlawful.


I am disappointed that Chor, instead of giving me a proper reply, diverted by giving a sweeping statement by saying that "whoever being perceived as threatened the security of the nation or disrupt peacefulness among the members of public" would be barred from entering into Malaysia.

Chor's reply is most unacceptable and ridiculous as everyone in Malaysia knows that both Mabel Au and Qu Mei Feng cannot be threats to the nation, and both of them won't disrupt the peace in Malaysia.

I urge the Home Ministry to immediately lift the unreasonable and unlawful ban on both of them, so that they can enjoy the freedom, like any other tourists in the world, to come in and out of
Malaysia as they like.


This lifting of the ban is not only good for both of them, but it will go a long way to help improve the image of Malaysia in the international community, particularly Taiwan and Hong Kong



* Teresa Kok, MP for Seputeh