Hadiís support for suicide bombing will be evidence that Political Islam advocated by  PAS is not compatible with democracy

Speech (3)
to Selangor DAP State and Branch leaders on the issues and challenges of the next general election
by Lim Kit Siang

(Petaling JayaSunday): When DAP was in the Barisan Alternative, we sought assurances from the PAS leadership that the Political Islam represented by PAS was compatible with democracy, pluralism, cultural diversity, human rights, women rights, social tolerance and development and modernity. 

It was because DAP could not get such assurances and our differences over the Islamic State issue  that we decided to leave the Barisan Alternative in September 2001. 

The support declared by the PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang for suicide bombing will be used as evidence that the Political Islam advocated by PAS is not compatible with democracy. 

Coming in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States two years ago, this  PAS declaration of support for suicide bombing is most insensitive of Malaysiaís plural society and must be deplored in the strongest possible terms. 

The Bali bombings which killed more than 200 people in October last year and the Hotel Marriott, Jakarta bombings in August this year killing over a dozen people and wounding over a hundred others, were the work of suicide bombers and Hadiís attempt to make a distinction of these atrocities as not in the same category to be considered as mati shayid strains credibility. 

The last thing Malaysians want to see  is suicide bombing in Malaysia. 

Hadi and the PAS leadership should take full account of the sensitivities of a plural society in Malaysia, review and retract PAS support for suicide bombings, which is incompatible with a commitment to a culture of democracy. 


* Lim Kit Siang, DAP National Chairman