Karpal will attend the Privileges Committee meeting tomorrow

by Karpal Singh  

(Kuala Lumpur, Thursday): The Dewan Rakyat Privileges Committee is meeting tomorrow at 9.30am at Parliament House to discuss the motion approved by the Dewan on 14th June 2004 to refer me to the committee over my assertion on May 17th that MPs were required to raise their hand when taking their oath of office. 

Standing Order 83(7A) of the of the Dewan Rakyat states by leave of the committee parties whose conduct forms the subject of an investigation or whose rights or interest are directly affected by the matter which has been referred to it for consideration may appear in person or may be represented by counsel.


I have by letter dated 18 June to the Dewan Rakyat secretary Datuk Abdullah Abdul Wahad expressed my intention to be heard by the committee,


I am of the view that I have every right to appear at any deliberation by the committee, preliminary or otherwise as my rights and those of my constituents in Bukti Gelugor are directly affected by what the committee decides. Under the circumstances, I shall be attending at Parliament House tomorrow to seek the indulgence of the committee to allow me to attend its meeting, Needless to say, the committee’s actions ought to be transparent and that to a great extent will be achieved by allowing me to be present when it discusses the motion approved by the Dewan to refer me to it. 



* Karpal Singh, DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Bukit Gelugor