Bulletin Archive - March 2004

31/3/2004 Minister's strategy to use KL allocations effectively
31/3/2004 Rising school crime and violence - legacy of failure of Musa Mohamand as Education Minister
31/3/2004 IGP’s neighbour robbed in Petaling Jaya
30/3/2004 "Kinta Valley effect" - People of Ipoh continuing to "write history"
30/3/2004 Hishammuddin - White Paper on "crime-free" schools
30/3/2004 New Cabinet - Why Rais has been sent to pasture
30/3/2004 Reform Parliament - "First World Infrastructure, First World Parliament"
29/3/2004 LKS withdraws personal idea of merger possibility between DAP and Keadilan
29/3/2004 Peril of BN 9/10 majority - Pak Lah dismisses Opposition criticism on Cabinet
28/3/2004 Hear the truth - universal disappointment at Pak Lah's Cabinet
27/3/2004 Abdullah Cabinet - as flawed as the 2004 general election
27/3/2004 Repeal of Terengganu hudud - Pak Lah should make policy announcement
26/3/2004 Terengganu PAS hudud law - why MCA/Gerakan not repealing it?
26/3/2004 Pak Lah - leaner, smaller and more professional Cabinet and not bloated and flabby one
26/3/2004 Merger proposal - rainstorm of public protest and outrage
25/3/2004 Rashi should resign now
25/3/2004 Pak Lah should drop Rafidah, Samy Vellu, Ka Ting, Nazri, Toyo and Adnan
25/3/2004 Second email to Pak Lah - Royal Commission of Inquiry into Polling chaos
25/3/2004 Condition/basis to explore merger between DAP and Keadilan
24/3/2004 DAP calls for fresh elections for Selangor parliamentary/state assembly seats
24/3/2004 Drop Ministers. MBs & CMs who fail integrity test
24/3/2004 DAP explores merger with Keadilan
20/3/2004 Polling tomorrow likely to be most chaotic in nation's history
17/3/2004 BN's 2004 GE "Temberang" Manifesto - further proof
16/3/2004 BN Manifesto - Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang and "Temberang"
15/3/2004 Abdullah on campaign trail in Ipoh Timor
14/3/2004 LKS calls on 68,466 Gopeng voters to elect Dr. Lee Boon Chye as Gopeng MP
14/3/2004 Three cornered contests: Question of DAP not honouring any agreement does not arise
13/3/2004 Hadi - uncharitable, scurrilous, arrogant
11/3/2004 Battle for Ipoh Timor - not a personal fight
10/3/2004 LKS to contest in Ipoh Timor
10/3/2004 After what Karpal had done to fight for justice for Anwar, KeAdilan wants him to lose in general election
10/3/2004 Karpal - an incandescent return to Parliament to light up the BN darkness
9/3/2004 Shortest and undemocratic 7 1/2-day campaign - Pak Lah can also do unfair things
8/3/2004 The grave consequences of a DAP defeat in Kepong parliamentary seat
8/3/2004 71/2 day shortest GE campaign - salutary reminder of arrogance of power
7/3/2004 LKS - to contest in Penang or Perak in 2004 general election
5/3/2004 "How can Pak Lah do such an outrageous thing!"
5/3/2004 Lift ban on public rallies for a free and fair general election
4/3/2004 2004 General Election - survival test for 46-year "social contract"
4/3/2004 Has Abdullah the political will to clean up the system?
3/3/2004 2004 General Election - 2 critical issues
3/3/2004 Inquiry on the Bukit Tembok train accident
3/3/2004 Abdullah - declare do's and don'ts of caretaker government
2/3/2004 EC Chairman does not fully believe in "free and fair election"
2/3/2004 Abdullah not alone - swarmed by voices of "slow down" in crackdown on corruption
2/3/2004 Ensure better quaoity of low-cost high rise flat
2/3/2004 GE - Police must be fair to all
1/3/2004 Broga incinerator - proof that Abdullah cannot hear the truth from the people