Construction of houses by State Economic Corporation of Perak at Taman Silibin Indah is very highly questionable

Media Statement
by M Kula Segaran

(Ipoh, Monday): Taman Silibin residents have been unhappy that a housing developer was removing sand in front of their housing estate and using it for construction of new houses. As regards this matter last Saturday the residents lodged a police report. A formal letter of complaint was also extended to the land office. Subsequently the residents met me and I rang and spoke En. Ahmad Kamarazuan of the Ipoh land office who promised to take immediate action. To day when I was at the construction site EnAhmad told me his personnel are not available to take immediate action as I only told him on Saturday which was a half working day! The casual and non caring attitude is very disturbing. I will be writing a letter to the land office and will follow up with a visit when the present Parliament session is in recess.

At the construction site to day JPS (drainage and irrigation department) engineer one Cik Fauziah and her team of officers arrived to verify the complaints of the residents that the houses been constructed is not 66 feet away from the river. UN invited to the scene was one Steve consultant engineer and the contractor to help Cik Fauziah to better explain the situation. The residents were not happy with the presence of parties interested and eager for the housing project to proceed come what may.

Clk Fauziah was shown the distance of the Tambun River to the proposed construction which to the residents eyes the 66 feet river reserve has not been complied with. The residents also told her that during rainy days the area where the construction is taking place used to be where the river over flows and used to be flooded. Also the officers explained unsuccessfully that from the plans and drawings provided by the qualified survivor it should match on the ground. The residents also informed her that some time in 1986 the JPS carried out extensive deepening of the river. Unfortunately Cik Fauziah was not aware about this. To day at 3 pm she has agreed to meet with the residents to counter check the discrepancies and she will ascertain as what next to be done.

Most astonishing is that, leading to the construction of the houses is a partially constructed road. The road is at least 60 feet wide and it was to lead to a school eventually. This road is supposed to be the main out let for all vehicles to and from the school. The school was only constructed about 3 years ago and eventually this school is to have an enrollment of 3000 pupils.

We are given to understand the SEDC (State economic development corporation) had applied to the government and had this land alienated to them. Why was land alienated to PKNP when there should have been a main road over this housing scheme. Why built a partially constructed road which costs millions to no where? Why SEDC did not adhere to rules and regulations although it is a semi government body? Are they above the law?

Why SEDC has entered into a joint venture to develop this houses? What were the terms? Was this business arrangement entered at arms length ?

Sdr Siva my secretary will accompany the residents to meet Cik Fauziah and meet the town and country planning authority, JKR(public works department) and the City Council. We hope the relevant government departments will "tell all" to the residents .



* M.Kula Segaran DAP Acting Secretary General and MP for Ipoh Barat