We reiterate that the Ministry of Housing and Local Government should immediately come out with a workable formula to deal with some housing developers whose negligence have resulted in complications such as cracked walls and floor subsidence

Press Statement
by  Dr Tan Seng Giaw

(Kuala Lumpur,  Tuesday): Over 10 years ago, Bukota Housing Sdn Bhd developed the Taman Indah Perdana, including the terrace houses. Then, residents began to notice cracks on walls and floors. They have gone through various channels to let the developer see the truth. Now, the cracks and land subsidence have deteriorated. One family has evacuated from its house, because it feels unsafe. Why has the developer not handled properly the dilemma of the buyers? 

The affected residents must try their utmost to fight for their basic rights. The developer has built these houses to sell to them. He or she must bear responsibility in many respects and must explain the reluctance to deal with the problem.


The developer applied to the Ministry for development license or some form of permit. Local authorities such as the Selayang Municipality issued the development order and, among many things, approved the design of the project and the certificate of fitness. Once the developer hesitates to handle appropriately problems such as land subsidence, the Ministry and the Municipality must tell the public who should be held responsible?


* Dr Tan Seng Giaw, DAP National Deputy Chairman and MP for Kepong