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The most powerful man in Selangor has to be stopped. Otherwise, we would not know what else he would do to bring more shame to the state.

Press Statement
by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): 118.7ha of forest reserve (part of the Bukit Cerakah permanent reserve forest) has been de-gazetted. The notice of de-gazettment was published in Selangor Gazette on June 23, 2005. Some 30.4ha was given to Permodalan Negeri Selangor Berhad (PSNB) for mixed development.

Three months ago, the Prime Minister took a helicopter ride to see the degree of destruction of the Bukit Cahaya Agro Park / Bukit Cerakah.

When Khir Toyo was summoned, he told the PM and other Malaysians that "semuanya ok" (everything is ok) and that all alienation and approvals for development in the area were given before he was made the chief minister

of the state.

Subsequently, several developers were brought to courts. Some of them were found guilty but nevertheless set free after paying some small fines. What an anti-climax to the drama.

And Malaysians at that time were told by both Khir Toyo and Abdullah Badawi that the area will not be touched again for development in order to save the Bukit Cahaya Agro Park.  Why then another 118.7ha of forest
reserve in the area was de-gazetted for development now?

The news of the de-gazettment was published in NST (July 30) and theSun ( Citizen Nades column -3 August). The Prime Minister should direct Khir Toyo to reveal details of all land acquisition, conversion and alienation
in the state as suggested by Nadeswaran.

The most powerful man in Selangor has to be stopped. Otherwise, we would not know what else he would do to bring more shame to the state.

He has single-handedly made Selangor a laughing stock by insisting to declare Selangor as a fully developed state on 27 August this year. Never mind whether he could achieve the zero-squatters target by 2005. He has
also cheated on facts and figures (e.g. taking all universities in the state as Selangorís credit) to serve his own agenda. His friends in MCA, Gerakan and MIC have no guts to correct him.

He has also made up his mind to shut off DAP Sg Pinang State Assemblyman Teng Chang Khim from criticizing his policies in the State Assembly until 2007. Teng was initially slapped with a suspension of 5 sitting days
(until early 2006) for throwing a standing order into a waste-paper basket as a symbolic protest. Such undemocratic act on the part of Khir Toyo will certainly bring the good name of Selangor deeper in the ditch.

Last week, he decided to call all low cost flats as apartments. All these low-cost units were like pigeon-holes, usually with a living space no bigger than 650 square feet. Instead of having a name-change to fool
nobody, he should be drawing up a new regulation to increase the living space of the low-cost flats, making life more comfortable for the low income families.

Khir Toyo has always wanted to turn Selangor into a zero-opposition state.Imagine how many more hills and forests will be raped in the name of development without the opposition looking over his shoulders.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP Internattional Secretary and NGO bureau chief

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