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DAPSY strongly condemns BN Perak ADUN for Kampung Gajah, Datuk Tajuddin for his uncivilized act of threatening to beat DAP ADUN for Pantai Remis, Nga Kor Ming, and demand an open apology from him to Nga Kor Ming and the State Assembly Hall

Press Statement
by DAPSY Publicity Bureau

(Petaling Jaya, Wednesday): It was the darkest day in the history of the Perak State Asembly Hall when DAP ADUN for Pantai Remis was threatened to be beaten by BN Perak ADUN for Kampung Gajah, Datuk Tajuddin.

DAPSY strongly condemns such uncivilized, irrational and unlawful act as such act is a total disregard of the State Assembly Hall.

Nga was tabling his motion to debate the issue of haze in Perak and would like the Mentri Besar to respond on measures taken by the State Government to create awareness among the people of Perak in order to inform the people about the occurrence of hazy weather in Perak.

Nga was certainly acting in good faith and genuine intention without any will to provoke anybody else. And it was his responsibility as a Wakil Rakyat to voice out the concern of the people. There is no reason to justify why did Datuk Tajuddin act in such an uncivilized manner.

Datuk Tajuddin should explain what had gone wrong with Nga’s motion when Nga tabled a motion to debate the issue of haze in Perak that resulting him retaliated in such manner.

Or Datuk Tajuddin merely felt that the hazy weather which caused the Federal Government to implement state of emergency in Klang and Kuala Selangor, is not a matter of utmost urgency that concerns the benefit of Rakyat?

Failing to explain so, Datuk Tajuddin himself should apology based on 2 reasons, viz:

  • that he had acted in an unruly and uncivilized manner in threatening Nga.

  • that he should tender an open apology to Nga for behaving in an unruly manner.

  • that he had also tarnished the good image of the State Assembly Hall, as never in the history of the State Assembly Hall that an ADUN was threatened to be beaten by another ADUN.

  • that he should also tender an open apology to the State Assembly Hall for such act.


* DAP Socialist Youth( DAPSY) Publicity Bureau

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