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Nanyang bought over issue – central delegates of MCA and MCA Youth are challenged to speak up!

Press Statement
by DAPSY Publicity Bureau

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): 20th August will not be a defining moment for press freedom if MCA continue its grip on Nanyang Holding Sdn. Bhd. even though the day will be the a defining moment for most MCA central delegates as this is the first time that they can exercise their rights to elect their leaders after six years.

One week before the exact polling day, alternative Chinese news websites such as Dang Jin Da Ma ( and Merdeka Review (, as well as some of the mainstream printed Chinese media, radio stations and TV stations, have brought up one of the most important issues, which remained as the core-concern of the Chinese community but unfortunately not mentioned, discussed and debated right from its branch election to divisional election. The issue is the bought-over of Nanyang Holding Sdn. Bhd. By Huaren Holding, the MCA investment arm since 28th May 2001.

And this has forced many candidates, regardless of the position they contest, to respond to the issue. There is nothing surprising and enlightening from what they said in relation to the issue. The most outstanding could probably be Chua Chui Meng, who is contesting for the seat of MCA President, in which he mentioned on 17th August  that he will set-up a panel to review the bought-over 4 years ago, while keep reminding the press that he will respect the decision made by the Emergency General Meeting 4 years ago.

It seems that Chua Chui Meng is a lone voice in this issue even though he does not promise to sell out Huaren’s stake in Nanyang Holding, and the close-to-complete silence of many other MCA candidates, as well as central delegates to discuss the issue, is a sign that MCA is alienating itself from the core-concern of the Malaysian Chinese community.

As any effort to prove that MCA is not alienating itself from the core-concern of the Chinese community should begin with the substance of the central delegates’ debate, DAPSY challenges any MCA central delegates, beginning with the central delegates of MCA Youth to raise this issue in their respective debate during their AGM.

While openly discussing or debating on this issue, MCA and MCA Youth central delegate should focus mainly on whether the decision (to buy over Nanyang Holding) has to date brought any improvement on press freedom and free flow of information. They should also discard following “old rhetorics”:

  1. That the bought-over was merely a commercial decision as Nanyang Siang Pao circulation has dropped more than 50% in 3-year time. Otherwise the newly elected leadership should direct Huaren to sell off its stakes in Nanyang Holding. 
  1. That the bought-over had been approved by the then EGM 4 years ago and that “nothing much can be discussed about it”. If it is so, it also means that since the “peace-plan” which was already in place 3 years ago should be continued. Election to elect new leadership is therefore unnecessary. This of course is another unacceptable and illogical argument.
  2. That any political parties can have the right to control any media like in other nations. As a matter of fact, not all political parties in Malaysia especially opposition can control mainstream media as easily as ruling parties.

Failing so is not only reinforcing the perception that MCA is alienating themselves from the core-concern of the Chinese community, but also proving to the members of public that the whole MCA elections, right from its branch elections to divisional elections, which witness the suspension of Tan Yew Kew’s membership, and the victory of Liew Yuen Keong over Yap Pian Hong, are nothing but meaningless Sandiwaras without any constructive input to uphold press freedom in Malaysia.


* DAP Socialist Youth( DAPSY) Publicity Bureau

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