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New Challenge for MCA Oppose openly to the revival of New Economic Policy (NEP)

Media Statement
by Lau Weng San

(Petaling Jaya, Monday): DAPSY congratulates the newly elected leadership of MCA and MCA Youth but sternly reminds MCA and MCA Youth that there are still a lot of jobs that the MCA and MCA Youth have neither started nor finished as part of the government.

DAPSY was first disappointed that the issue of Nanyang bought over was neither discussed nor properly raised in the last MCA and MCA Youth AGM. This is an indication that MCA and MCA Youth are alienating itself from the core concern of the Chinese community which MCA claims to represent.

The new leadership of MCA and its youth wing should have taken the first step in order to overcome its psychological barrier to discuss the matter as this will remain a core concern from the Chinese community.

What was delivered by MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting during the AGM when he spoke in Malay that there are concerns from the Chinese SMI entrepreneurs facing difficulties in securing government projects and contracts from GLCs will remain meaningless if there is no follow-ups.

The very first decision that MCA has to make is to oppose openly to the revival of New Economic Policy (NEP) which was raised in the last UMNO AGM and is the root-cause of such scenario whereby government projects are awarded only to cronies but not to the best performer.

The voice of objection has to be made clear to the current UMNO leadership as this will not only affect the economical competitiveness of our nation but it will be the stumbling block in promoting integration and national unity.

Instead of NEP or Agenda Melayu, MCA should suggest Agenda Malaysia, which has been championed by DAP since 1966, whereby Malaysians regardless of their racial, economical, religious and educational background should be treated fairly without discrimination.

MCA must be bold to admit that there must be a fresh effort to rejuvenate the party to be a politically relevant party. An ADUN or MP plays the role of legislating rules and regulations. MCAs ADUNs and MPs should be more politically savvy and should not self-reduce themselves to the roles of local councillors whereby they are only interested in solving local problems.

Else, even though there is a newly elected leadership, there will be no changes and MCA will continue to become politically irrelevant and drifted by the political hegemony of UMNO.


* Lau Weng San, DAPSY Assistant Publicity Secretary

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