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Beginning On Sunday, DAP To Hold Nation-wide Protests Against The Fuel Price Increases And The BN Government’s Failure To Control Inflation

Press Statement

by Lim Guan Eng  

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): At the emergency DAP Central Working Committee (CWC) on 3.8.2005, the
CWC decided to hold nation-wide protests against the fuel price increases and the BN government’s failure to control inflation. The first such protest shall be held in the Taman Midah Open-Air Market in Cheras at 9am Sunday 7.8.2005.

The DAP CWC has made the following resolution to protest against the fuel price increase as unjustified, unfair to the poor and irresponsible.

“DAP demands that the BN government acknowledges the sufferings of the people and businessmen from the fuel price increases and its resulting inflation rate of 3.2 % in June 2005, the highest in 6 years.

The government’s rationale that it can not afford to subsidise fuel prices is false when the government received RM 31.2 billion from Petronas last year. What is RM 31.2 billion compared to the RM 956 million saved from the last increase in fuel and gas prices on 31 July? With RM 31.2 billion, the government can even afford the full RM 14.5 billion in subsidies for 2005.

Even if the government can not afford, oil companies who have benefited with huge profits can help out. For example, after giving the government RM31.2 billion, Petronas can still earn net profits of RM 35.5 billion. If the government can receive RM 246 billion from Petronas for the last 30 years, the time has come for the people to get some money directly from Petronas.

BN and Petronas’ refusal to distribute its RM 35.5 billon profits to alleviate the sufferings of the people is unacceptable Oil belongs to the people and Malaysians have a right to enjoy the benefits of our own natural resources. DAP resolves to launch nation-wide protests to forcel the government tot acknowledge the people’s sufferings, take action to reduce the people’s financial burden and that  the people have a right to benefit from the profits and successes of Petronas."

All DAP state committees are directed to hold such protests at markets and public places to gather signatures to enable the people to express their unhappiness at the fuel price increase and the failure of the government to lessen their financial burden and hardship. DAP has received numerous complaints from the people and businessmen who claimed that they can not survive.

Many businessmen had protested against the government’s double-standard by refusing the allow them to increase prices despite increasing fuel prices.  Some other businessmen do not know what to do because increasing prices would not help them as it is too expensive for their customers. The people are urged to sign and support these protests actions by the DAP.



* Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General

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