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MIC representatives should be rational when dealing with views and opinions from the Opposition on national integration

Media Statement
by Lau Weng San

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): It was reported in the media that a MIC representative had threatened DAP Johore State Committee member Norman Fernandez in a public hearing held by the Parliamentary Select Committee on National Integration.

Yesterday, the Committee had conducted a public hearing at the Johore State Government Building in Johor Bahru in which the DAP Johor State Committee led by Sdr Ahmad Ton was there to submit a memorandum.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau, a DAP Central Executive Committee member was then questioned by YB K.S. Nijhar (MP for Subang) who is also one of the committee members, on whether the memorandum included the views and opinions of the Malay and Indian communities.

While presenting part of the memorandum, Dr Boo had put forward a very important suggestion from DAP Johore to the Select Committee -- that the Federal Constitution be amended to disallow the formation of any single-race political party -- in order to promote national integration.

DAP Johore also explained that by allowing single-race political parties to exist, it also means the continuation of our neo-apartheid policy which champions the ideology of race supremacy and dominance, which the party believes should be abolished and reflected in the amended Federal Constitution.

K.S. Nijhar was reported as challenging the suggestions made by DAP Johore and questioning the validity of the suggestions, by asking whether it represents the views of Malay and Indian communities. Perhaps Nijhar should be reminded that it is his duty to listen to the views of the people from various political, educations, religious and racial backgrounds.

Nijhar and MIC representatives can see for themselves that there were Indian and Malay leaders from the DAP during the public hearing and that he has absolutely no grounds to discredit the DAP.

MIC representatives should not be over-emotional but rather, they must be rational when dealing with views and opinions from the Opposition. Failing that, the Select Committee would not be able to fulfill its parliamentary responsibility in finding ways and methods to foster national unity and integration.


* Lau Weng San, DAPSY Assistant Publicity Secretary

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