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MCA Vice-President Datuk Donald Lim Should Question Synchrosound Studios Sdn Bhd To Explain The Mysterious Reasons Why Wa FM Is To Stop Broadcasting On 15 October Instead Of Justifing On Their Behalf Their Right To Do So.

Press Statement

by Lim Guan Eng  

(Petaling Jaya, Friday): DAP expresses surprise that Deputy Information Minister Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai is now assuring the Chinese community should not be unduly worried about the decision to "switch-off" Chinese radio channel Wa FM from Oct 15 as it will only be temporary. As MCA Vice-President, Lim should question Synchrosound Studios Sdn Bhd, the owners of Wa FM to explain the mysterious reasons why Wa FM Is To Stop broadcasting and not justify on their behalf their right to do so.

Synchrosound had earlier said that it would have to cease operations as it was suffering from major losses of up to RM 50 million. Such claims had been questioned by Chinese organizations when Wa FM had only 7 staff members with monthly expenses of less than RM 50,000/-. Shouldn’t Lim as Deputy Information Minister be interested how Synchrosound can lose RM50 million in the 18 months Wa FM operates when monthly expenses are less than RM 50,000/-.

Instead of questioning Synchrosound, Lim said the owner of Wa FM had explained to him that it was only stopping the broadcast temporarily pending negotiations for a new buyer. The Chinese community fails to see the connection between the need to stop broadcasting and selling the company. What guarantees are that “temporay” will not become permanent as they is no time frame when broadcasting can resume after Wa FM is switched off after October 15?

Lim should represent the Chinese community by demanding that the temporary suspension of broadcasting can not be more than two months. Lim may be satisfied with this type of simplistic explanation but not the Chinese community. Lim should remember that the Chinese community have valid concerns about the fate of Wa FM because there are only 4 Chinese radio stations operating in the country, the others being MyFM, 988 and AiFM. With the closure of Wa FM, the democratic space for Chinese programmes, development of Chinese culture and the opportunities to local Malaysian Chinese artists would be even more limited.

If Lim is willing to accept Synchrosound’s simplistic explanation, then MCA and Lim must bear full responsibility if Wa FM can not resume operations by the end of this year.



* Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General

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