The Public Services Department (PSD) Top Officials Should Be Sacked For The Shameful Rejection Of Scholarships For Top Scholars In SPM And Lying That The Scholarship Criteria Is Available On The PSD Website.

Press Statement

Lim Guan Eng

(Petaling Jaya, Saturday): The PSD top officials should be sacked for the shameful rejection of scholarships for top scholars in SPM and lying that the scholarship criteria are available on the website. I have checked the PSD website at and there are no such clear and detailed scholarship criteria. Such conditions should be made known if the government is serious about transparency, accountability and opening up the scholarship vetting process for public viewing.

Many Malaysians have been distressed by the shameful scandal of our top scholars denied Public Services Department(PSD) scholarships. It is ridiculous that the top Penang student in SPM have to shed tears of despair publicly before his appeal for a scholarship can be approved. Boys are supposed to shed blood and not tears but the Malaysian education system is so cruel and unjust to force boys to cry publicly.

There are more such cases recently such as the No. 4 top scholar in the country from Klang and No. 17 top scholar in the country from Melaka denied PSD scholarship despite being honoured by both the Prime Minister and Education Minister in a dinner  and presented with excellence certificates. What is the use of having a dinner with the Prime Minister if you are not good enough for a scholarship?

DAP calls for the immediate sacking of the entire PSD responsible for the shameful rejection of scholarship for top scholars in SPM that has not only affected the country’s image but also caused cruel suffering and injustices to our students. By rejecting scholarships for top scholars, the PSD officials involved have shown that they are not qualified in their duties and judge who should be awarded scholarships. DAP suggests that the government should set up a committee comprising of those who were themselves previously top scholars to ensure that those who judge are at least equal to those whom they judge.

The time has come to stop the problem of top scholars not getting scholarships, or university places for medicines or recognition from the government from becoming an annual ritual. MCA should stop trying to exploit cheap publicity from the misery of these top scholars by playing the hero and getting the Prime Minister to intervene to award these scholarships to the people. This annual ritual and sandiwara of MCA only shows the failure of MCA in getting the scholarship criteria institutionalized in an open, transparent and accountable manner.


*  Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General