280 plots of land in Ulu Yam changed hands without knowledge of landowners

Press Statement
Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew

(Kuala Lumpur,  Monday): I was in Ulu Yam Baru on last Saturday afternoon together with Selangor DAP Chairman Ong Chee Ken, Deputy Chairman Tee Boon Hock and legal advisor Jeyapalan Mahesan to meet the Ulu Yam landowners over complaints that plots belong to them originally were transferred to family members and relatives of local influential MCA leaders and former village heads without their knowledge.

Their predicaments were quite similar with the 18 landowners in Kapar, where plots of land given to them under the Rancangan Buku Hijau (Green revolution) were transferred to a local MCA Datuk without their knowledge (Malay Mail cover story, 19 March 2005).

Some 280 plots of land for housing or agriculture were said to have changed hands in and around Ulu Yam Lama and Ulu Yam Baru according to some reliable sources.

The local land office officials have told the villagers about the bad news but they were unable to give details relating to the respective new landowners. Some of the landowners have made police reports under our advice. They have given the names of the suspected MCA leaders to the police. We urge the police to start investigations immediately as the scam involves so many villagers and landowners.

On the other hand, many landowners were still in the dark. They were not aware of such land scams involving family members and relatives of former village heads. DAP Selangor have advised them to make a search with the local land office. We have also decided to gather information and documents from the affected landowners and villagers. We will then hand over a petition to the local land office, the state land office and director general of land and mines of the federal government for a solution.

DAP maintains that all lands alienated to the Ulu Yam villagers must be return to them within one month. Failing which, DAP will help the affected parties to initiate a legal petition to safeguard their rights.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has opined that Malaysia has becoming more corrupt under the Abdullah’s leadership. It’s up to the PM to prove him wrong.


* Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, DAP International Secretary and NGO bureau chief