Chinese Associations In Malaysia Can Take The Lead In Enlarging Democracy By Restoring Directly Elected Local Governments And Establish Accountability By Fighting Corruption.

Speech At The Dialogue Between DAP And The Negeri Sembilan Chinese Town Hall
Lim Guan Eng

(Seremban, Tuesday): DAP wishes to praise the firm stand taken by Chinese associations such as the Negeri Sembilan Chinese Town Hall for opposing the application by Japan to be a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. DAP has not only opposed Japanís application but also opposed the decision by the Malaysian government to support Japanís application.

The Malaysian government should reconsider its support for Japan based on 4 reasons:-

1.     The refusal by Japan to apologise sincerely and unconditionally for the atrocities committed against innocent citizens of South Korea, Taiwan, China and South-East Asia during the Second World War;

2.     The unjustifiable act of Japan of changing history by refusal by Japan to correct its secondary school textbooks to reflect the actual truth of Japanís aggression and invasion of Asian countries;

3.     The refusal by Japan MPs to atone for its atrocities whether killing, raping, torturing and even forcing young girls to be comfort women to prostitute for Japanese Imperial Army (where even Malay women were victimized); and

4.     The failure of Japan to compensate for its past actions whether financially or building a memorial in Japan for the victims of its atrocities.

The Malaysian government should stop its immoral and stubborn support for Japanís application without consideration for the feelings and sufferings of the victims of Japanese occupation. DAP hopes that all Chinese associations and political parties especially MCA, Gerakan and SUPP can support this call for Malaysia to withdraw its support for Japan on moral and humanitarian grounds.

DAP believes that Chinese associations are not restricted to issues that affect the Chinese community but are concern over national issues that affects all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. Accordingly DAP hopes that all Chinese associations can take the lead in enlarging democracy by restoring directly elected local governments and establish accountability by fighting corruption.



*  Lim Guan Eng, DAP Secretary-General