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The BN State Government must cancel the alienation of open space-green lung area in Taman Tasek Jaya, Ipoh apparently for the extension of a Surau


Media Statement

by M. Kula Segaran

(Kuala Lumpur, Wednesday):  Taman Tasek Jaya, Ipoh, was developed some 35 years ago. The approving authority, the Ipoh City Council (MBI), ensured that nearly an acre of land was set aside by the developer for recreational purposes. The said recreational land was the only green lung and open space in the housing estate.

Purchasers who bought houses facing this open space were required to pay a premium price between RM 2000 to RM 5000 per house. The open space was primarily used by the local residents for football and recreational purposes.


Some 20 years ago a small surau was erected on the open space. The surau was occupying a very small portion of the open space and thus the local residents were indifferent. The majority of the local residents are non-Muslims.


But all that changed last week. Suddenly the substantial part of the open space was fenced up. Upon enquiry made by the adjoining house owners it was revealed that the surau is to be expanded with car park facilities and other amenities to be made available to the worshippers.


Residents approached the DAP and organized a meeting at the Taman Tasek Jaya last Saturday. It was then decided that a memorandum would be drawn up and handled over to the local authority objecting to the open space being fenced up. On Sunday the Residents’ Action Committee Chairman Mr.Kooi got the residents together and the memorandum was duly signed by the residents.


It was decided to hand over the memorandum today as every Tuesday the Ipoh City Council officers are available to attend to rate payer’s complaints.


About 50 residents turned up to hand over the memorandum. As we were entering into the MBI’S foyer a security guard only allowed me in and asked why so many have to come. I told him the purposes and a shouting match started when he said “ ini bangunan saya” to which I retorted that being a security guard he ought to ensure cordially behavior of rate payers and not decide otherwise! All the 50 residents were then ushered into the foyer to meet planning officers headed by En. Zainal.


En. Zainal then started to explain to us the background and the latest on this issue.


He said that on the 10/08/05 the state exco had approved 3778 sq. meters of the open space to the Surau Committee. He said the State Government did it after it was consented to by UMNO and by the various non-Muslim elected assemblyman of the MCA, MIC and Gerakan. By a letter dated 10/10/05 the State Government informed the Surau Committee that the exco agree to alienate the said open space for the extension of the Surau.


As to why the open space was alienated to the Surau disregarding the requirements of Local Agenda 21, Zainal replied it’s the state prerogative. Further, less then 300 meters away from the open space land had be set aside for 1) a mosque 2) for other religious purposes. With this land reserved for religious purposes so near Taman Tasek Jaya why the need to acquire the open space? The MCA, MIC and GERAKAN EXCO members have failed in their duty to protect the minority’s interest. In fact they have stampeded on their minorities’ inalienable rights. They owe an explanation to this.


The action committee would be writing to the state exco to abrogate the alienation of the said land


To make a mockery of all this the yesterday the assemblyman for Bercham, who hails from the MCA, YB Gooi, had a meeting with the Residents chairman Mr. Kooi and their committee. The YB informed them that the state government had alienated the land to the surau committee. But what the YB did not tell the action committee was why did the the MCA exco members agreed to the alienation of the open space for the surau. YB.Gooi being a Barisan Assemblyman would have been consulted by his MCA exco members on the matter. In any case the Action Committee would be writing to the state government and the exco members to nullify the alienation of this land. Will the exco members act and protect the minorities?



*  M. Kula Segaran, MP for Ipoh Barat and Vice Chairman DAP Malaysia

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