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Urge the government not to allow the building of  Haemodylysis centres in the houses of residential estates


Media Statement

by Chiew Chin Sing

(Sarawak, Wednesday): The Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong Chiew Chin Sing urge the government not to allow the building of  Haemodylysis centres in the houses of residential estates and ask the government to revert its decision for its approval.

Chiew said that he had received a letter from the residents of Taman Jasmin, Bintulu who had written a letter to the General Manager of the Bintulu Development Authority. The letter was copied to him, the Minister of Environment and Public Health, Elected Representative of the Bintulu area, the Resident and others.


In the letter the resident had complained and strongly disagree to the setting up of a private dialysis centre in their area as they are concerned as to the consequences of having such a medical facility in the home at a housing estate.


They also sited the building of the centre would threatened their  peace, quietness, cleanliness and healthiness  in their housing area. More over it will also cause traffic congestion and even traffic accident in their area, what more of the disposal of used materials which may even pose a health hazard and pollution to the environment.


The proposed Haemodylysis centre is to be set up in one of the blocks of a semi-detached building at Taman Jasmine.


I have visited one of the resident upon receiving the letter and she was worried sick about the centre of the smell of medical and dispose solutions, and people coming in and out of the centre, and she was really concerned that the peace and quietness of her home would be jeopardized.


‘I support the statement made by the DAP Sarawak Publicity Secretary, David Wong today in the newspaper where it had been reported that St John Ambulans had set up a Haemodylysis centre in the house in a residential estate in Sibu.’ Chiew said.


David Wong had said that the government should in fact give out state land to build such centre and the fact that the government is not, is  proof that the government had neglected those with  renal problems. What is also needed is annual funding by the government to NGO like these so as to help them with their financial burden. The Sarawak government should ask for more fund allocations from the federal government to help those who need  renal treatment in Sarawak.


‘What is so shocking to me is that the government which is allowing haemodylysis centers to be set up in the house of housing estate would in fact not hesitate to compound you  a thousands  ringgit for rearing a few more chickens in your back yard !’ Chiew said.


‘And if today the haemodylysis centre is build in a house of residential estate, then tomorrow other residents can also open up coffee shops.  All these will then create even more problems.’ Chiew continued.


‘The government should abide by the  title conditions in residential estate and not approve the setting up of a center such as this at its whims and fancies. There should be a system and standard practice otherwise the government will loose all its credibility.’ Chiew added.


‘And who in fact had allowed them to build the centre, whether it is the Ministry or the local government, the Minister of Environment and Public Health should let the people know.’

I am not oppose to the setting up of Haemodylysis centres, and DAP does not either ,  it is a good thing, as it will provide the much needed services to the people with renal problems. The people of Bintulu  welcome NGO to set up haemodylysis centres to help the people, but it is really not proper to  build one in the house of resident estate.


*Chiew Chin Sing, Chairman DAP Bintulu Branch,DAP Sarawak Deputy Chairman and Sarawak State Assemblyman for Kidurong

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