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Zakaria must go, of course, but he must go by resigning from his ADUNship


Media Statement

by Lau Weng San

(Petaling Jaya, Sunday): I was in Kampung Idaman this morning to attend a peaceful gathering to protest against Zakaria's illegal mansion and his power abuse at 10am.

Two banners were put ready and there was a crowd of no less than 700 turned up not only to show their support of the DAP Selangor campaign to drop Zakaria but also to air their dissatisfactions and grievances against him as he has been a street bully in Klang, particularly in his own area.


The Secretary-General of DAP, Mr Lim Guan Eng and DAP Socialist Youth Chief, YB Nga Kor Ming were invited to attend the function. Unfortunately, a group of gangster of no less than 10 people turned up at the scene to disturb our gathering.


All of them wore dark glasses, just like what Zakaria used to wear when he attended the royal summon yesterday in His Majesty Palace.


They shouted at us and tried to disturbed the event. Lim Guan Eng’s speech was interested times. Nga Kor Ming could not delivered his speech as the PA system wire installed on a van belongs to DAP Pasar Besar Branch was deliberately torn off by the gangster. The van was donated by the public and it was only officiated by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, YB Lim Kit Siang yesterday in their branch dinner.


Lim Guan Eng said that the DAP will continue to push Zakaria to fully resigned from his ADUNship and the Klang Municipal Council to tear down Zakaria’s mansion. He said that nobody is higher than the law. Malaysia is a country of rule of law, an illegal building is still an illegal buiding, whether it is big or small, short or tall. Even Zakaria’s mansion is very big and tall, the law is still above it and therefore Zakaria’s mansion must be torn down as well.


Besides shouting and yelling, the gangsters also pushed the crowd from behind and this provoked some members of the public who then fought back. We managed to cool down both sides but the rude gangsters kept disturbing the gathering. Not much can the police do control the situation. DAP Selangor Vice Chairman, Sdr Selvadurai suffered from several punches. He later lodged a police report.


Apparently, there were only no less than 5 police personnel on the scene, including one personnel from the special branch. Even he himself also failed to get cooperation from the gangsters. It seems that Zakaria does not even bother to care about the police warning. Just imagine how powerful he is.


Finally, we have to switch ground. And it was at this moment the second van from DAP Balakong being attacked. Our comrades from Balakong traveled all the way from Balakong to support the event and the struggle of the people of Klang to oust Zakaria. This shows that the issue is no longer a local issue, but an issue of upmost public importance especially for the people of Selangor.


Sdr Lee Ah Seng from Balakong Taman Indah Branch was the driver and he was about to reverse his van from the scene. The same group of gangster quickly ran to him and scolded him. Sdr Lee did not reacted to them and kept reversing the van slowly. They then attacked the van. The right side mirror was broken and they kicked the van from the front.


A press conference was then held outside the village and these gangsters still wanted to rushed out to disturb the press conference until more reinforcement from the police came and shouted them to get back to where they were. A local chap told me that they were from Kampung Raja Uda, meaning that they were not local. I believe that this is true as when I visited the mansion four days ago, everybody in the village was very fed up with the mansion. It was also reported in the paper.


The press conference went on smoothly. The people are all joining us. One lady took up this chance to complain to Lim Guan Eng on how she was bullied by Zakaria. Another lady told me that villagers of Kampung Idaman had once tried to sent a letter to Zakaria asking him to stop works as pilling works on the site created nuisance. It was so unfortunate that Zakaria wife who received the letter immediately torn it apart in front of them.


I dare to guarantee that no elected representative in Selangor (perhaps in Malaysia also) can ever been so arrogant like Zakaria. This only reflects the poor political leadership in Selangor when the State Government led by Khir Toyo had to wait for the His Majesty’s interference before an ultimatum can be issued to Zakaria to relinquish his post as Klang Municipal Councillor. Relinquishing the post of Klang Municipal Councillor and a fine of RM24,000 are just not enough to make Zakaria realize how serious the allegations against him are.


Zakaria must go, of course, but he must go by resigning from his ADUNship. We are not interested whether he can salvage his good name by doing so but we are more concerned that the name of Selangor will be tarnished by this “Raja”, if he still hold his position as ADUN Pelabuhan Klang.


* Lau Weng San, DAP Selangor Publicity Secretary

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