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Must have more doctors & facilities in government clinics in the country

Media Statement
by Tan Seng Giaw


(Kuala Lumpur, Monday): I reiterate that the Health Ministry improves the manpower and the facilities in all government clinics, including the Jinjang District Health Clinic.

Other places such as Temerloh Hospital and many village clinics face similar shortages of personnel and facilities.

The Health Clinic in Jinjang North treats over 500 out-patients daily, covering a radius of over four kilometers with a population of about 300,000. It provides maternal and child care. It is on 999 calls. It treats over 30 drug addicts with methadone.

On 2.12.2007, I accompanied some residents to revisit the new Jinjang Clinic that has 10 consulting rooms, six doctors, six medical assistants, no physiotherapist and no occupational therapist. The next day, I raised the shortage of doctors and the inadequate facilities in Parliament during the debate on the Supply Bill at the committee stage with the allocation of RM 12.9 billion for the Health Ministry including RM 1.6 billion for public health.

On 23.4.2006, we visited the Jinjang Clinic. Then, it had just been shifted from the old clinic at Jalan Selangor, Jinjang Utara. In the old clinic, the number of daily outpatients was about 300 with five doctors.

A physiotherapist from Putrajaya Hospital visits the clinic once a week. We propose that the Government gives five more doctors, one physiotherapist, one occupational therapist, one ambulance, one MPV, one van, and for methadone patients, a special waiting room and toilet.

While it is important to encourage progress in medicine such as transplantation of heart and lung, it is equally important to provide good services for the care of patients with diseases of high incidence such as over 40,000 HIV/AIDS, kidney, dengue, cancer and diabetic patients. Over 6,000 persons died in traffic accidents with thousands injured every year. Cases such as heart and lung transplant attract publicity.

The Health Ministry has insisted on a comprehensive, effective, easily available and comfortable medical service with suitable technology and high standard. It should try harder to attain its objective.


*Tan Seng Giaw, DAP Deputy Chairman & MP for Kepong

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