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The Hindraf issue is now the cynosure of the global community

Media Statement
by Dr Chen Man Hin


(Seremban, Tuesday): The grievances of Hindraf should be studied, analysed and if the grievances are valid, then measures must be taken to address the grievances.

It is regretted that Prime Minister Dato Abdullah should dismiss the allegations as fictitious, false and mischievous as the government never practised ethnic cleansing.

He also chose to lay a smokescreen to cloud the Hindraf issue by falling back on the age old claim that the peace and harmony that exists in the country is clear evidence that the government has been fair in its treatment of the various races in the country.

Let it be known that the peace and harmony is not the monopoly of the government. It is very much due to the efforts of opposition political parties and NGOs to fight for democracy, justice and human rights.

The opposition has faced many challenges and persecution to provide checks and balances in a democracy to ensure that the people's voice is heard, and to promote fairness, justice and equality in a multiracial society.

The DAP called upon the Prime Minister to focus on the issues raised by Hindraf, and form a commission of enquiry to investigate the various issues raised in the Hindraf petition to Queen Elizabeth of UK.

It is of great importance that Malaysia handles the Hindraf problem in an open and democratic fashion because the whole matter is viewed with concern by the global community especially in India, Europe, Australia, and the USA. Going by reports in the international media.

Malaysia is now the cynosure of the global world.


*Dr Chen Man Hin, DAP Life Advisor

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